The greatest benefit of a jet charter over fractional jet ownership is flexibility, whereas, with fractional ownership, you’re limited to the aircraft in your pool.

Stratos vs. Fractional Ownership

Charter companies like Stratos Jets have access to a global network of strategically located operators and more than 5,000 aircraft worldwide. That far exceeds our closest fractional competitor. Aircraft availability is guaranteed and there are no long-term contracts tying you down. Another major advantage of an on-demand jet charter service over fractional is you’re not responsible for ongoing aircraft maintenance or acquisition fees. Short Trips Imagine this: You fly frequently, but your flight time is typically less than an hour. While that sounds like a nice, short trip, fractional jet ownership may ding you for the full hour. It may not seem like that much, but it will add up and eat away at your fractional investment. At Stratos, you pay for the amount of time you’re in the aircraft, and not a minute more. Peak Travel Times If you’re like most people, you probably travel on peak travel days, like holidays and weekends. In these busy travel scenarios, you may not be able to secure an aircraft within the normal call-in time. They may even downgrade your aircraft in a pinch. Or if they can guarantee flights during these peak travel times, you may be paying extra for it. When you choose an air charter broker, like Stratos, you’ll have a wide variety of options available to you during peak travel times.