Established in 1991, Wyvern has set the standard for ensuring safety of Part 135 charter jet service operators, aircrew and aircraft. Wyvern is recognized as a global leader in aviation safety auditing, consulting and information services.

Passing the Wyvern PASS Report

Long respected in the charter industry for its high standard, Wyvern includes many safety requirements. As a guideline, pilots must have a minimum of 4,000 hours of flight experience. This can fluctuate based on type of aircraft.

Wyvern is also responsible for publishing the PASS (Pilot and Aircraft Safety Survey) report. This report indicated whether the operator, aircraft, and crew have met a basic safety standard or the Wyvern Standard.

The Wyvern Standard is a globally recognized seal of aviation safety. It’s a set of safety measurement conditions that exceed the governmentally imposed regulations for aircraft maintenance and safe flight operations.

Wyvern and Stratos

Stratos Jets is one a few certified charter jet service brokers to meet the standards of Wyvern’s PASS program. Although any charter broker can access the PASS reports, only certified Wyvern brokers, like Stratos, are given the ability to run a PASS report and every charter flight. This ability allows us to give our clients a greater sense of safety assurance.

At Stratos Jets, we are incredibly proud to be able to provide our recent certification as a Wyvern broker. We hope that this certification allows our clients to rest easy knowing that our commitment to safety and best practices is at the forefront of our operations.