If you’ve ever flown on a private jet charter, you already know they are extremely comfortable and convenient when compared to alternate forms of air travel. But when it comes to flying in winter, a private charter flights holds other key advantages as well.

Whether you’re flying to a tropical paradise in the Caribbean, or you’re in search of knee-deep powder in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, an air charter flight removes many of the challenges of flying in winter. Here are a few examples…

1. Avoid Delays

private jet charter for winter travel
Most of us have experienced the disappointment of arriving at the airport for a scheduled flight, only to discover it was delayed or cancelled due to inclement weather. When conditions deteriorate, it doesn’t take much for a major airport hub to feel the strain caused by:

  • A lack of airport staff
  • A lack of available gates
  • Scheduling deviations

Private jet charter travelers, on the other hand, can avoid the confusion and chaos at these busy terminals. They can choose from a wider array of airports, which gives them a much better chance of a successful departure. If an airport is restricted due to snow or ice, your agent can reschedule a charter flight from a nearby airport that isn’t affected by stormy weather.

2. Minimize Ground Travel Time

private jet charter for winter travel

Denver International Airport (KDEN) is 220 miles from Aspen.

Nobody likes to drive in the snow anymore than they have to. When you charter a jet, the greater selection of airport options allows you to arrive closer to your final destination.

For example, if you’re flying into Aspen, Colorado for a family ski holiday, your commercial airline options for flying directly to Aspen/Pitkin County Airport (FAA ID: KASE) will be somewhat limited. You may end up having to fly into Denver International (KDEN), and then taking a 220-mile ground transfer to the resort town.

However, by requesting a jet charter flight, your charter agent has the ability to source an appropriate aircraft capable of landing at a high-altitude airport in winter conditions. This option places you within three miles of the Aspen town center, which:

  • Reduces total travel time
  • Lets you make the most of your holiday
  • Minimizes exposure to unsafe road conditions

3. Room for All of Your Vacation Essentials

private jet charter for winter travel
If you are planning on carving up the slopes at Aspen, it’s nice to have your own equipment. With a private jet rental, you can request an aircraft with the baggage capacity to stow enough gear for the entire family.

Furthermore, you’re equipment is guaranteed to show up exactly when you do. There’s no such thing as lost luggage on a private jet charter!

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