Stratos Jets Certified as Wyvern Broker

What is the single most important factor in choosing your air charter service provider? Is it the safety and reputation of the air carrier, or is it the overall price and value of the charter flight? As an air charter consumer, you never have to choose between safety and service, provided that you make informed, educated decisions each time you fly. At Stratos Jet Charters, our job as private flight advisors is to connect you to the safest, most reputable aircraft operators with the longest track record for providing excellent service at fair market price.

Stratos Jets recently became one of the few certified Wyvern Brokers in the Wyvern Pilot & Aircraft Safety Survey (PASS) program. Wyvern, Ltd. is the global leader in aviation safety auditing, consulting and information services. Wyvern specializes in performing on-site, safety audits on charter operators, and has conducted more than 1,700 safety audits worldwide, using the most experienced and highly-trained auditors in the industry.

During a Wyvern on-site safety audit, also known as a “safety evaluation,” Part 135 air charter operators are measured against “The Wyvern Standard” — a globally recognized seal of aviation safety. The Wyvern Standard is a set of safety measurement criterion that far exceed government regulations for safe flight operations and aircraft maintenance.

The information that is collected and analyzed during a Wyvern safety audit is compiled and maintained in a database that is accessible to Wyvern Brokers, like Stratos Jets, through the PASS Report program. For Stratos Jets, the PASS report system enables our agents to generate individual safety reports, called PASS reports, on both Wyvern-recommended and non-recommended aircraft operators.

Each PASS report contains invaluable safety information regarding the aircraft operator, aircraft and flight crew of individual charter flights. The pilot experience check, for example, verifies that the flight crew of any given charter flight is fully certified, properly type-rated, has met the necessary flight time requirements and has current medical and training records.

Stratos Jets has the ability to provide third party audits on all Part 135 Jet Charters, who are fully registered Part 135 and Part 121 carriers. Although any charter broker can access the PASS report system, only Wyvern Brokers like Stratos Jets, have the ability to run a PASS report on each and every charter flight, providing our clients with a greater sense of safety assurance.

Stratos Jets has long been a leader in promoting safety and best practices in the air charter industry. We developed the Stratos Jets Approved Vendor Program (AVP) to form an exclusive network of Part 135 aircraft operators that meet our safety standards, which are considered the strictest and most stringent standards in the industry. We have furthered these efforts by requiring all of our approved vendors to pass a Wyvern PASS Report or ARG/US third-party safety audit before induction into our program.

Additionally, Stratos Jets is a long-standing member of the prestigious Air Charter Association of North America (ACANA), a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting best practices and professionalism to air charter service providers. Wyvern has pledged its full support to ACANA, as do we at Stratos Jets. Our goal is to help ACANA further its mission of educating air charter consumers about the benefits of working with reliable and ethical service providers like Wyvern Brokers.

At Stratos Jets, we are very proud of our recent certification as a Wyvern Broker. One of the major benefits of our Wyvern Broker certifcation is that it will make it easier for our air charter agency to verify that every charter flight meets our safety standards, along with those established by the Wyvern Standard. We hope that our Wyvern Broker certification serves as further proof of our commitment to safety, best practices and transparency.

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