In regards to private jet charters, repositioning refers to moving a jet from one location to another in order to provide service for a requested charter flight.

Often, a passenger who is chartering a private jet needs to fly from a location where a suitable aircraft is not available. In this case, a jet must fly to the origination city for the private jet charter flight to commence. The fees for repositioning a chartered private jet may constitute a significant cost to the passenger.

The Stratos Jets Advantage

Fortunately, Stratos Jets has access to an extensive worldwide network of private jets, so you are less likely to encounter these fees, or at the very least, keep them to a minimum.

Likewise, Stratos believes in customized travel solutions and has access to multiple types of aircraft.  So even if you require a small aircraft to go meet a group, and a larger aircraft to then bring the group to another destination, Stratos will have the appropriate aircraft nearby, to keep repositioning fees to a minimum.  

The term “repositioning” is sometimes confused with the term “reposition time”.  In airline parlance, “reposition time” is the time it takes for an aircraft to move from the departure gate to the runway. When there is a lot of aircraft traffic, the reposition time can be long and can affect aircraft charter rates. However, when flying privately from a smaller airport, the reposition time is minimal and so are the aircraft charter rates.