I’m glad you asked! This fee allows Stratos Jet Charters to provide best-in-class trip support with a global operations team of highly disciplined and seasoned professionals. Trip Support’s chief function is conducting all coordination and organization of your trip.

What does Trip Support do for me?

Trip Support generally secures the aircraft with the air carrier to plan your flight. They also arrange catering, ground transportation, and other inflight amenities requests. More importantly, Trip Support conducts critical pre-flight trip audits, confirming the safety clearance on the operational history of each air carrier, aircraft, and flight crew to ensure all safety requirements meet Stratos’s safety standards.

Why do you charge a Client Services Fee?

Stratos is heavily invested in providing the finest customer experience. As your private flight advisor sources and educates you on the best aircraft options on the front end, our client services team ensures that your travel itinerary is precise to your specifications on the back end.

Unlike the common practice amongst many in the charter broker market, flight advisors are typically responsible for end-to-end service. Stratos recognized that having a process that depends on one individual to manage all aspects of a trip could be overwhelming and prone to errors.

Because flight advisors are typically commissioned-based roles, their focus is predominantly on developing new business. This leaves little time to invest in proper trip planning and management.

Stratos does it better! Having a dedicated team of professionals in place ensures proper management of all pre-flight, in-flight, and post-flight matters. Stratos enlists the most talented individuals for this role, each having more than five years of experience in similar fields. Each team member shares similar qualities related to attention to detail, time management, and strong problem-solving skills when issues arise. This seamless process delivers a consistent and reliable customer experience which helped us earn our ARGUS Certified Broker status.

We recognize that you’re spending a lot of money on booking the perfect airplane. This fee is a nominal cost that supports the structure of having a dedicated team in place to oversee the important aspects of your travel and mitigate any potential problems so that your trip will go smoothly.

This also allows us to offer a high-touch customer experience while still offering competitively priced charters and at-cost concierge services fees.