At Stratos Jet Charters, we believe the best private jet rental is the one that meets your specific travel needs. It may not necessarily be the fastest, biggest or most expensive aircraft in its category.

When you talk to one of our expert Private Flight Advisors, they will determine the type of private jet rental you need. For example, we have clients that require a small, efficient turboprop aircraft to fly four colleagues to a golfing weekend in a nearby state. And we have clients that need to fly an entire sports team and their support staff to a tournament overseas. Our job is to match the best aircraft with the client’s needs.

At Stratos Jet Charters, we use eight aircraft types, ranging from 5-seat regional turboprops to 300-seat international airliners. Once we’ve determined the type of aircraft, then we can compare the strengths of the different aircraft within that category.

We’ll establish what’s important to you as a traveler. Do you need a high-altitude aircraft to fly over mountains? Do you need additional cargo space for your golf clubs? Do you need an airborne meeting space for a VIP business client? These questions help identify the right aircraft for you.

We are charter aircraft experts, but we also believe strongly in transparency. All our aircraft are listed on our Private Jet page, so you can compare the amenities, specifications and typical costs of each aircraft available for charter.