One of the most common COVID-19 recommendations is using a face mask to prevent the spread of the virus.  While this is certainly a precaution worth considering, there are limits to how long crew members aboard your flight can safely don their mask. 

At this time, and to protect crews, crews won’t be wearing face masks inflight, but read on to learn about when they will be wearing masks, and why. 

Why won’t crewmembers wear masks inflight?

Once you and your travel companions are safely aboard the flight, your pilots and crew members will remove their masks for the inflight portion of the journey. This is due to the requirement set in place by the Federal Administration of Aviation (FAA) that all crewmembers are able to access emergency oxygen unimpeded as stated under the Part 135 Operating Requirements and Part 91 General Operating and Flight Rules. 

This allows crew members to don an oxygen mask as quickly as possible should the private jet cabin become unpressurized. Besides keeping your aircraft in the air during this extremely rare scenario, it will also allow them to better support you and your passengers should you need help securing your own oxygen mask. 

Additional safety precautions

At Stratos, we want to make sure your flying experience is as safe as possible. To do this, we’re keeping a close eye on all CDC and FAA safety requirements, especially the newest requirements being released during the peak of COVID-19. 

To make sure your health and safety remain our top priority, we’ve added these additional steps, among others, into our policies and procedures: 

  • All crewmembers will greet passengers with facemasks pre-flight
  • Each aircraft will be sanitized and disinfected before passengers step aboard
  • When possible, crewmembers will maintain a distance of at least six feet from passengers

If there are additional steps you’d like to see taken prior to your departure, please reach out to your Stratos agent today. We’ll do everything we can to meet your requests while following the guidelines put in place by the CDC and the FAA.