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Rest up before you start your journey to Brazil, because once you land you won’t want to miss a thing that this enticing country has to offer. A jet charter airport in Brazil lets you touch down in the middle of the action. With Brazil’s diverse cultural and natural landscapes, each visitor can have a visit tailored to their every whim.

One cannot help but think of Carnival when thinking about Brazilian festivals. Brazil’s most popular holiday starts six days before Lent, and is a non-stop celebration of dancing, singing and parades. While each city’s Carnival varies, they have all been shaped by Afro-Brazillian, Indigenous and European influences, and draw huge crowds. Rio de Janerio’s Carnival welcomes almost five million people alone!

Some visitors may prefer a quieter trip closer to nature, and Brazil will not disappoint. Diverse ecosystems offer a staggering number of plant and animal species for visitors to see up close. Toucans, howler monkeys and pink dolphins are all native to Brazil, with each one nestled in their own unique habitat. 

The areas that these animals call home also offer contrasting views and extraordinary charm. White sand beaches that stretch for miles welcome visitors who seek rest and relaxation upon arrival. Adrenaline junkies can climb rocky cliffs in red-rock canyons or kayak in the Amazon. 

Whatever kind of experience you seek in Brazil, know that it will be accompanied by the rhythm of Brazilian music. Music is everywhere, with beats ranging from Rio’s upbeat samba, to the Northeast’s intimate forró notes to pulsing DJ tracks in Sao Paulo.  

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