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With a population of over a billion people, and as the world’s oldest continuous civilization, China is an unparalleled destination. Chic metropolises throughout the country pair well with the lush countryside. The vast expanse of China offers something new in each city. A jet charter airport in China will help you see them all.

China’s three most popular destinations are known in just about every corner of the globe. The Great Wall near Beijing totals over 13,000 miles in length. It was built by many successive dynasties, with the most popular sections being built by the Ming Dynasty. Visit the Army of the Terracotta Warriors via Xi’an to see thousands of statues constructed over two millennia ago. Shanghai showcases the Bund. Originating as a waterfront access point for barges of rice, the Bund has transformed into a powerhouse area of high-profile banks. The sleek metropolis that towers over the skyline has transformed the origins of this ancient place so that exclusive hotels, restaurants and shops abound in the Bund.

A trip to China would not be complete without a full culinary tour. Street markets and high end restaurants are available in every city, each with their own unique offerings. Crispy Peking duck, dim sum, and Lanzhou noodles are all must-tries when exploring the Chinese food scene.

China’s size also lends itself to a diverse topography. Rice terraces in the south are contrasted by the mountain ranges that house the Great Wall. Jewel-tones come alive in the lakes of Tibet and the yellow rapeseed by Qinghai Lake. The hidden beaches of Hainan offer miles of white sand, made for relaxing.

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