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While in Japan, travelers don’t have to worry about choosing between the old world, and new: They get both. 

As one of the world’s largest cities, Tokyo is a non-stop metropolis that offers visitors unlimited food, shopping and entertainment choices. Take in the bright, flashing lights of Shibuya Crossing, instantly recognizable as the six-way crosswalk, filled with pedestrians. Or experience a trip back in time in Asakusa, a historical district, where visitors flood Sensoji, a Buddhist temple from the 7th century. 

Book a flight to a jet charter airport in Japan to explore the scope that Japan has to offer. Kyoto and Nara abound with traditional Japanese culture. Take in a sumo match to see strength and technique on display, or a traditional geisha dance to watch tradition come to life. Explore local artisans in Ontayaki Pottery Village or Omiya Bonsai Village.

With such dense populations in a small country, it can be hard to remember that over two-thirds of Japan is mountainous. Adventure seekers will welcome the skiing and hiking available, and relish soaking in the onsen (hot springs) when done. Beach-goers will love the tropical beaches found in the south. Okinawa has over 100 beaches such as Manza and Emerald beaches.

Dining in Japan is truly experiential. Japanese restaurants are meticulous in their development, sourcing and presentation of dishes. Restaurants often specialize in one type of food, but the types of food found in Japan are plentiful. Warm yourself with a bowl of salty ramen, or enjoy the crunch of tonkatsu, deep fried breaded pork cutlets. 

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