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While most people recognize the Midwestern state as the land of 10,000 lakes, the truth is that Minnesota actually has 11,842 lakes. Among these lakes are dense forests, tons of wildlife, and the Twin Cities – Minneapolis and St. Paul. Whether you’re an intrepid outdoorsman with a passion for the great outdoors or more of a city dweller interested in great food and cultural city centres, Minnesota has it all.

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5.5 million


St. Paul

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11,842 lakes

Miles of beaches

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Minnesota Destinations

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Minnesota Destinations

Minnesota is not just a state covered in natural beauty, it’s also the state with the highest concentration of Fortune 500 companies. Some of these much-loved and well-known companies include:
  • Target
  • Best Buy
  • General Mills
  • Hormel Foods
  • Land O’Lakes
  • 3M
Besides being the land of 10,000 lakes, Minnesota is also the land of talent. Some pretty big musical acts have come out of Minnesota, like Prince, Bob Dylan, and The Replacements, to name a few. And even though Minneapolis is the coldest major city in the United States of America, this state is blessed with more miles of bike trains than any other state, making Minnesota a cyclist’s utopia. Minnesota is also home to the famed Twin Cities -- Minneapolis and St. Paul, although they couldn't be more opposite. While Minneapolis is a sprawling metropolis filled with skycrapers and office buildings while St. Paul is a little more reserved with lots of impressive Victorian homes and architecture.

Things to Do in Minnesota

Besides anything water and lake related, there are a lot of other things to do in Minnesota. If you live to breath fresh forest air, try some of these great outdoor activities:
  • The Devil’s Kettle
  • Niagara Cave
  • Hidden Beach
  • Zoran’s Sculpture Park
  • The Lost 40
  • Eagle Mountain
If you prefer to spend your time indoors instead, check out some of these fantastic locations and local hot spots during your stay in Minnesota:
  • The Mall of America (the largest shopping centre in the US)
  • The Museum of Quackery and Medical Frauds
  • Walker Art Centre
  • Surly Brewing
  • Minneapolis Institute of Arts
  • The Endless Bridge
  • Weisman Art Museum

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