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This cornhusking state is home to Oregon Trail landmarks, fossil beds, Chimney Rock, automobiles arranged like Stonehenge, and Kool-Aid. Rich in history, Nebraska has many fantastic attractions to explore, including historic military forts and state parks. It’s also known as the birthplace of the rodeo and numerous pioneer-era landmarks. But that’s not all Nebraska has to offer. There’s also more miles of river here than any other state.

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Nebraska Destinations

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Nebraska Destinations

Once regarded as a purely agricultural setting, Nebraska has expanded well beyond the confines of that long-running stereotype. Though livestock, grains, and dairy products continue to help foster success, locals, visitors, and transplants alike can have plenty of irons in the fire in today’s Cornhusker State.

Things to Do in Nebraska

While there are so many things to see and do in Nebraska, each city has its own set of must-see attractions. Some of the more popular cities include: Omaha - In line with the rest of the state, Omaha offers a wealth of opportunities in the business world ranging from financial services to telecommunications and beyond. On the other end of the spectrum, you’ll also find a treasure trove of museums, wildlife, and historical sites in this city situated along the Missouri River. Lincoln -  As a focal point for culture, cuisine and the arts, Lincoln holds plenty of attractions for all who have the pleasure of enjoying a little downtime in the vicinity. With a welcoming atmosphere and the nation’s seventh-highest rating for business, it’s a hub for tourists and tradespeople alike. Grand Island - Outdoor adventures, unique shopping and dining experiences, and breathtaking examples of nature’s wonder all top visitors’ lists of things to do in Grand Island. At the same time, ongoing growth in the manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, wholesale, retail and even mining industries call to those with an entrepreneurial spirit. Kearney - Theater, art, parks, and classic cars draw visitors to Kearney along with golf courses, Archway History Museum and Cedar Hills Vineyard to name a few. While those elements help drive the city’s tourism and hospitality sector, its economy is also fostered by agriculture, health care, manufacturing, distribution, and a wide range of other industries.

Nebraska Jet Charter Information

Private flights have access to far more locations than commercial airlines can offer. We can fly to and from a number of private airports in Nebraska, placing us within minutes of your current or desired location. When you arrange Nebraska charter flights with us, we’ll take care of every detail giving you more time to explore the many places Nebraska has to offer.
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