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According to ARGUS International, New Jersey ranks fourth in the United States in terms of private jet departures.  Coming in behind Florida, Texas and California, for the six month period between February and July 2016. This is due to many Manhattanites heading to Teterboro Airport to fly in a private jet.  This New Jersey airport is more convenient than one of the commercial airports within New York.  It is convenience that makes private charter flights popular with many individuals and businesses. ARGUS found that, during the six month period referred to above, 1,293,348 private planes departed from an airport in the United States. Indicating that private air travel is nearly as popular as many of the major airlines today, including American Airlines and United Airlines. This includes corporate flights and charter flights, among others.

Why Stratos?

Stratos provides private charter flights throughout the state of New Jersey. Over the past 10 years, we have earned a reputation for expanding our client’s margin of safety.  We do this through our due diligence and educational process as well as through our safety standards.

  • ARGUS Certified Broker: ARGUS, the world leader in aviation safety, certifies that Stratos maintains the best due diligence program and processes in the industry, instilling clients with confidence every time they book a private charter flight.
  • Non-Owned Liability Insurance:  Our company maintains a 25 million dollar liability policy that goes above and beyond that held by the air carriers.
  • Experienced and Knowledgeable Agents:   Stratos employs experienced agents ready to help clients select the proper aircraft for every private charter flight.
  • Trip Support Staff: Once the aircraft is reserved, Our Trip Support department steps in to make certain the flight details and concierge items are properly organized.
  • Charter Flights On-Demand: Access to the private jets is done on a flight by flight basis, and the company services the most popular airports within the state.

The next time you consider booking a private charter flight from New Jersey, choose Stratos Jets.   Stratos Jet Charters knowledgeable air charter agents will help you select the appropriate private jet at the best available price.  Contact us today 888.478.7286

Why Fly Charter?

Private charter flights are designed to allow individuals, businesses and groups to rent a plane for their personal use.  They are very convenient for travelers, as they determine the flight plan. As opposed to the preset schedules of an airline. Charter planes carry anywhere from one to fifty people or more.  The itinerary is adjusted based on the needs of the person or group chartering the flight. These flights land at thousands of airports across the globe, as compared to commercial flights which land at approximately 200 to 225 airports. This ensures the client chartering the flight gets closer to their destination with less time and effort on their part.

There are rarely delays or cancellations when a flight is chartered, as they operate on the schedule established by the client. Checking in becomes easier also, as it typically only involves verifying the identity of those traveling and loading their baggage. Charter flights allow for increased privacy. Which makes it the perfect option when sensitive information is to be discussed mid-flight.  Privacy is only one of the many reasons individuals and businesses select this transportation method.

Very few things are as frustrating as arriving at one’s destination only to find the luggage has been sent elsewhere. This isn’t an issue when a private charter flight is selected. The luggage travels in the same plane the passengers do. In addition, passengers hand the luggage directly to those who load it on to the plane and it is returned when the plane lands. This eliminates the time spent in the baggage claim area.

Finally, individuals and business travelers spend less time in airports and their overall commute when a private charter flight is selected. Individuals can work on the plane in comfort and get more done in the time allotted for travel also. The greater flexibility associated with this transportation method makes travel easier in every way.

With numerous benefits associated with this transportation option, it’s no surprise ARGUS expects the number of private aircraft departures to increase in the coming months. Those who opt to try this option often find they refuse to fly any other way in the future. It’s easy, convenient and allows you to travel in luxury every time you have to fly.

Airports in New Jersey that We Serve reports there are currently 319 airports in the state of New Jersey, and many allow for private charter flights. Newark Liberty International recorded 391 domestic charter passenger flights in 2015 and 195 international charter passenger flights. According to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, 28,391 passengers were carried on these domestic flights. An additional 30,398 passengers were on the international flights.  In contrast, Atlantic City International Airport recorded 2,588 domestic charter passenger flights. During the same year, they only recorded 24 international charter passenger flights. More than 109,000 individuals arrived on domestic private charter flights. There were far fewer (561 passengers) arriving on international charter flights at Atlantic City International Airport during this time period.

These are only two of the many airports within the state of New Jersey that allow for private charter flights. There are numerous others, including Teterboro and Morristown. Individuals and businesses alike will find there is an airport within close proximity to their final destination, ensuring their convenience at all times.

Stratos Jet Charters, coordinates the organization of the safest private jet charters in New Jersey that money can buy.  We specializes in providing access to jet charters for both corporate and luxury private travel in and out of New Jersey. All of our private jet charter aircraft meet rigorous safety criteria, and are flown by skilled and highly experienced pilots.

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