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Home to canyons, sunflower fields, hoodoos, and historical sites, North Dakota offers an unforgettable Great Plains getaway. Follow in the footsteps of Lewis and Clark by horseback riding in the Badlands and star gazing under the still night sky. Enjoy wide-open expanses and views that stretch out for miles. City slickers can also enjoy many urban amenities while still enjoying the easy-going ways of this midwestern state.

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While the Coen Brothers film named after its largest city depicted it as a cold and barren wasteland, North Dakota is actually a beautifully diverse state, both geographically and economically. Bordered by Minnesota in the east, South Dakota to the south, Montana in the west and Canada in the north, North Dakota may be landlocked but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t offer an escape for those doing business or on vacation. While its major industries include agriculture and oil, tourism is also a big part of the state’s economy. Visitors flock here to escape the throngs of people and to see stunning landscapes, as well as to find out if North Dakotans really say “oh, geez.” For the record, they do.

Things to Do in North Dakota

From the Badlands to the Red River Valley to the Great Plains and the Missouri Plateau, there are many places to explore around North Dakota. Whether you decide to see the sights by horseback, foot or car, you’ll be sure to see nature in all its glory. Watch as bison graze in fields and hike the Painted Canyons and grassy trails at Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Located in the Badlands, the park is the site of Elkhorn Ranch, which was established by the 26th US president in 1884. Up along the Turtle Mountain Scenic Byway, on the border with Manitoba, Canada, takes you to the 2,339-acre International Peace Gardens, which features picturesque picnic areas, modern campgrounds, hiking trails, bike paths and a wildlife refuge. A visit to Fargo will take you to a hip and happening place with a younger population (the city is home to several universities). Enjoy excellent restaurants and nightspots, as well as attractions such as:
  • Lindenwood Park
  • Children’s Museum at Yunker Farm
  • Red River Zoo
  • Bonanzaville, USA
  • Fargo Air Museum
The capital city of Bismarck also features numerous attractions. Check out the North Dakota Heritage Center and State Museum, which has four museum galleries tracing the rich history of the state, from the dinosaur age to the present and future. Also plan to visit Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park, home to the On-A-Slant Indian Village and reconstructed military buildings, including Gen. Custer’s House.

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From the winter ski season and summer soybean and sunflower crops to the state’s thriving year-round dairy and oil industries, Stratos will get you to your destination in comfort and style. When you arrive or depart via North Dakota charter flights, you have your choice of private airports, even in the most remote areas of the state. This is especially important for those who work in the oil and gas industry. When you bring Stratos your rotation schedule, we can have aircraft and pilots waiting for your crew. For those last-minute travel plans, we can have you in the air in as little as four hours.
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