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The state of Oklahoma is a popular destination for business and pleasure travelers, as well as college students heading to and from school. While buses, cars, trains, and commercial airlines are all viable ways to get to destinations, chartered flights from Stratos Jet Charters, Inc. allow clients to fly in comfort and style. The team specializes in arranging private flights to and from Oklahoma, and these are some of the most popular destinations that Stratos services.

  • Lawton
  • Lake Murray
  • Tahlequah
  • Durant
  • Ardmore
  • Edmond

To arrange a private, chartered jet to any of these locations, consult a Stratos charter associate today. Agents are standing by, and they are ready to provide personalized quotes and professional service at all times. 888.478.7286

At Stratos, Your Safety is Our Top Priority

While it is important to get clients to their destinations on time, at Stratos Jet Charters Inc, client safety is the most important part of the job. The team understands that most clients have a lot on their minds during travel, and safety shouldn’t be a concern. With Stratos’ take-charge attitude toward air safety, valued clients have less to worry about while they are in the air. Every aircraft is carefully inspected in accordance with the strictest standards, which guarantees Stratos flights are among the safest in the industry.

The commitment to safety starts the moment a potential client contacts one of the company’s charter flight associates. Stratos team members have many jobs, and they’re here to do more than help clients find the lowest price on a charter flight. These knowledgeable, professional, and polite agents perform numerous duties to ensure that all charter flights are as safe as possible. Pre-flight duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Assessing whether a particular aircraft can fulfill a client’s needs
  • Verifying that an aircraft’s maintenance records are updated
  • Determining all charter pilots’ experience and skills

This list is by no means exhaustive, and these are just some of the steps in Stratos’ vendor program. Charter flight providers must meet numerous criteria before they’re recommended to clients.

Industry Affiliations and Broker Certifications Make Stratos a Safe Choice

The FAA’s guidelines govern the American charter flight industry. While the Federal Aviation Administration’s rules ensure basic air safety, clients deserve more. Stratos Jet Charters, Inc. is enrolled in ARGUS and Wyvern’s certification programs, among others. The company allows these independent auditors to verify its commitment to client safety by granting them complete access in the following ways.

  • Employee interviews to assess skill levels
  • Access to the company’s sensitive data
  • In-person inspections of facilities

Because the company’s safety practices can be audited at any time, it is easier to operate transparently and to follow the industry’s best practices while complying with air safety rules. Stratos maintains affiliations with a variety of industry bodies that promote client education and safety, such as the NBAA, ACANA and the ACSF.

Make Air Travel Easier—Leave the Scheduling to the Experts

Scheduling private air travel throughout Oklahoma can be hard, particularly if a client is doing it for the first time. However, the support team at Stratos does this for a living—and they’ve been doing it for well over ten years. The Trip Support team has the insight and knowledge necessary to:

  • Understand and follow aircraft and airport restrictions
  • Coordinate clients’ flight schedules
  • Choose the right aircraft for clients’ needs

When clients entrust us with these duties, they are free to relax or work on their next Oklahoma private flight. All of these features make chartered air travel a safe, convenient way to go to and from Oklahoma.

Stratos Jet Charters: An Upgraded Travel Experience

A day of air travel involves more than climbing onto an aircraft. From the time a client leaves his or her office or home until they arrive at their destination, the Trip Support team is there to ensure an enjoyable experience. Concierge services include:

  • Hotel and restaurant reservations
  • Private ground transportation rentals
  • Security escorts
  • Unlimited ground transfers to and from Oklahoma’s airports

To allow clients to arrive at their destinations well-fed and refreshed, the Trip Support team can set up an in-flight meal plan designed to fit the client’s dietary needs. Clients with special requirements can be assured those needs will be taken care of.

Chartered Flights are More Convenient Than Commercial Airlines

Standing in a check-in line at an airport can be time-consuming and inconvenient, and lost luggage continues to be a problem. Most people arrive hours ahead of time, but flight delays and cancellations can arise at any time. However, with private flights from Stratos, those worries disappear.

  • Clients can move directly to a hangar for quick and easy boarding
  • Luggage arrives with the client
  • Quick security checks—all the client has to do is show his or her ID
  • No worries about being seated next to a stranger

If a potential client is used to the commercial air travel experience, they will be surprised at the level of quality, comfort, and service available on a private charter flight.

Charter Air Travel Allows Clients to Fly at Their Convenience

While commercial air travel is a viable mode of transportation, some fliers need the convenience and ease of a relaxed schedule. Stratos Jet Charters prides itself on offering the highest level of flexibility, which is one of the biggest benefits of private, chartered flights. While it is best to book well in advance for the best charter rates and highest aircraft availability, it is possible to book a private flight to or from Oklahoma with a few hours’ notice. Whether a client has a family crisis in Lawton or wants to take their significant other on a weekend trip to Tulsa, Stratos can help them get where they need to go.

The next time you need to book a chartered flight to or from Oklahoma, call on Stratos Jet Charters. With help from the Flight Support team, you and your party can arrive at the chosen destination in style and comfort. Call today to get a complimentary, no-obligation quote from one of the company’s knowledgeable charter associates.

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