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From the landscape to the culture, languages and cuisine, South Africa is a country of diversity. Experience some of the best safari in Africa, whether you want to drive into Kruger or Kgalagadi on your own or join a tour guide for a chance to see lions, leopards, buffalo, rhinos and elephants from the back of an open-top Jeep or on foot. 

But a trip to South Africa is incomplete without first learning about its tumultuous history. See the impacts of apartheid in museums across the country, whether you’re spending your time near the coast in Cape Town or in the rugged beauty of the Highveld in South Africa’s eastern plateau. When you learn about the nation’s history, you’ll gain a better appreciation for the pride and hope that lives in the smiles of South Africans of all backgrounds.

After experiencing safari and South Africa’s troubled history, the rest of South Africa is yours to explore. From rock climbing across Cederberg’s crags to afternoon walks in the Karoo semidesert just inland from Cape Town and sunbathing at Clifton Beach, South Africa has outdoor activities for all types of travelers and even boasts sometimes snowy peaks in the Drakensberg.

When you book a flight to a jet charter airport in South Africa, you’ll arrive at one of the numerous airports in Cape Town depending on your itinerary and final destination. Our trip advisors can help you select the best arrival airport for your travel needs.

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