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Located 75 miles from Paris, Amiens is a convenient option for travelers looking to avoid the congestion and frustration of traveling to the French capital, and for adventure seekers who desire an authentic taste of the French countryside. Along with pleasant vistas and excellent weather, Amiens is home to roughly 137,000, which makes for quite a quiet and relaxing vacation. Read more about our private jet charter flights in Amiens. arrow-right

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Modern Amiens presents itself to visitors with stately French-style houses along the banks of the Somme. Sleek bridges arch over the gently flowing water, and cobblestone paths connect the central market and government centers with inspiring cathedrals and ancient cemeteries. There is a definite presence of age and significance. Yet despite its quaint exterior, Amiens has played an integral part in French and the greater European history. Originally a settlement of the Roman Empire, the city was a minting site for Roman coins, and as such a frequent battleground for Roman and barbarian forces. 

Things to Do in Amiens

There are plenty of historic landmarks to experience during your trip to Amiens. The Amiens Cathedral is the largest 13th Century Gothic church of its kind and the largest in France. It is renowned for its three-tiered coherence and labyrinthine tiling. Also the Cirque de Jules Verne, one of the few permanent circuses in the world that is still in operation today, is named after Verne the author who presided over the circus' inauguration during his stint on the town council. The floating gardens of Amiens, between the Somme and Avre Rivers, and surrounded by man-made canals, create a magical and invigorating experience. These vegetable plots belong to the hortillons (market gardeners) who have been working these lands for centuries. The best way to experience these gardens is to book a tour on a flat-bottomed boat (known locally as a barque). Saint-Leu, a district close to the cathedral, is a great place to wander. The quaint streets and canals are lined with beautifully painted homes and shops of various colours. This once-downtrodden neighborhood now features a lively collection of bars, cafes and restaurants.

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Located about eight miles southeast of the city Glisy Aerodrome (LFAY) is the most convenient airport option for people arriving on charter flights to Amiens. It features a paved runway measuring 4,265 feet, as well as an unpaved landing strip measuring 2,953 feet. The latter is large enough to handle smaller charter aircraft such as turboprops, light jets and some midsize jets.

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