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Known as the Gateway to the Dolomites, Bolzano represents a mixture cultures. Once ruled by Bavarians, and since recaptured by the Italians, the city is influenced by both nations in a harmonious, rather than combative, way. Combined with its picturesque setting, and proximity to nearby ski resorts, Bolzano is a marvelous mountain town that often gets overlooked. Read more about our private jet charter flights in Bolzano. arrow-right

Bolzano Jet Charter Information

Located midway between Venice and Augsburg (Germany), Bolzano is the capital of the Italian province of South Tyrol. The city lies less than 50 miles to the Austrian border to the north, and for many centuries following the fall of the Roman Empire, it was occupied and settled by Bavarians. Italy re-annexed the land after WWI, and under the direction of Benito Mussolini, sent Italian settlers from older regions to outnumber the German population there. Today, Bolzano represents an intriguing mix of German and Italian heritage, with about three fourths of the country speaking Italian and the remaining quarter German. A unique statute in the region's laws preserves the rights of the German population so effectively that it has been admired by the Dalai Lama for possible integration within Chinese Tibet.

Things to Do in Bolzano

Despite its humble appearance as an agricultural mountain town, Bolzano is rated as having the second highest quality of life in Italy. Dubbed the Gateway to the Dolomites, the city is located 860 feet above sea level. Be sure to put those mountains to good use, as there are more than 30 ski resorts within one hour of Bolzano, including:

  • Val de Gardena
  • Suldem am Ortler
  • Ladurns
  • Rosskopf
  • Alta Badia
  • Speikboden

Bolzano has another interesting claim to fame: it is home to Ötzi, a man who, along with his clothing and equipment, has been preserved in ice for the last 5,300 years. Frozen Fritz, as he is also called, is located in the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology, along with other fascinating exhibits of the inhabitants of the Dolomites dating from the Paleolithic to pre-medieval eras. One of the first Gothic-style buildings in South Tyrol, the Dominican Church dates back to the 13thcentury. The adjoining St. John’s Chapel, which goes back even further to 1180, features a magnificent fresco of the Giotto school. Located just outside town, Roncolo Castle is perched atop a crag. Known as Runkelstein in German, this medieval fortress contains well-preserved frescos depicting life at court. At the center of Bolzano lies Piazza Walther, also known in Waltherplatz (most places and signs feature both Italian and German). It is a popular gathering place for festivals and markets. If you’re looking for places to stay in Bolzano, try the Premstaller Garden Hotel, located in the local apple orchards. It offers panoramic views of the mountains and meadows from the balconies. Hotel Eberle overlooks the city from a mountainous shelf. It also features fine dining and direct access to the Oswald promenade where visitors can walk or jog amid Mediterranean vegetation and grape vines, while enjoying views of ancient city streets.

How to Book Charter Flights to Bolzano

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Bolzano Jet Charter Airports

Bolzano Airport (LIPB) is just three miles south of the city, or 12 minutes by car. With a 4,245-foot runway, it is best suited for smaller jet charter aircraft. The closest international airports are in Innsbruck, Austria, to the north, and Verona, to the south.

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