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The best sights of this diver's paradise are hidden beneath its pristine coastline

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For more than 30 years, Bonaire’s entire coastline has been protected as an environmental treasure as part of the island’s national marine park. It boasts more than 50 unique dive sites that feature some of the world’s most beautiful reefs. There simply aren't many tropical vacation spots that are as pristine as this Dutch island municipality. Read more about our private jet charter flights in Bonaire. arrow-right

Bonaire Jet Charter Information

Owned by the Netherlands, Bonaire is a Caribbean island, and together with Aruba, and Curacao, are referred to as the ABC Islands. Located in the Leeward Antilles, which is the southern island chain of the Lesser Antilles, Bonaire means "Good Air" in Dutch. Because Bonaire has only a few sandy beaches, the island specifically draws divers and snorkelers who come to see the beautiful coral reefs surrounding the shores.

Things to Do in Bonaire

Bonaire's tourism industry is dominated by diving and snorkelling, which is why you’ll find most of the resorts and hotels on Bonaire have an on-site dive shop. Other than diving, Bonaire is an excellent place for windsurfing, nature lovers and boating aficionados. Visit Jibe City for windsurfing and diving lessons, or grab a drink at the Jibe City Bar and watch the goings-on from the shore. There's a butterfly garden in Kralendijk and a National Park in Boca Slagbaai. In Kralendijk, the island’s capital, you can also book horseback riding tours around the island, and even swim with the horses! The Riding Academy Club offers guided tours on horseback and receives top ratings by visitors. The city also features many quaint waterfront eateries, well-preserved architecture and a small, yet thriving market where you can pick up crafts, souvenirs and local produce. Other top attractions include:

  • Bolivia Caves
  • Flamingo Sanctuary
  • Playa Lechi
  • Washington Slagbaai National Park
  • Butterfly Garden Bonaire
  • Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire

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Bonaire Jet Charter Airports

Flamingo International (TNCB), sometimes referred to as Bonaire International, is the sole airport serving the island of Bonaire. It is located on the south end of the island’s capital, Kralendijk. With a runway measuring 9,449 feet, it can handle larger jet charter aircraft, including the Boeing 747.

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