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Special gems wait to be discovered among communist-era buildings

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Besides being known for communism and gypsy lore, Bucharest has much more to offer. While the centre of the city may appear a bit garish at first due to the communist-style buildings and homes, there are lots of hidden gems sparkling throughout this Romanian capital city. Stunning art nouveau villas and beautiful 17th and 18th century Orthodox churches are just a few of the treasures you’ll find here if you look hard enough. Read more about our private jet charter flights in Bucharest. arrow-right

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While Bucharest is quite large, the entire city is broken down into six separate sectors; however, the third sector is where all the action happens. Also known as the Historical Old Town, here you’ll find some of the best clubs, restaurants, and entertainment.

Things to Do in Bucharest

A trip to Bucharest would be remiss without a quick glance (or perhaps an entire tour) of the Palace of the Parliament. This behemoth of a building is actually the largest building in Europe. It boasts 1,100 rooms in total, but only 400 chambers and 2 large halls are still in use today. The building also consists of 10 floors, with eight of those floors located underground. The building began construction in 1983 during the communist reign but was never fully finished before the Romanian Revolution. Today, it stands as a giant reminder of Ceausescu’s megalomania. Visit the site where the Dracula stories all began. Vlad Tepes, also known as Vlad the Impaler was a real-life bloodthirsty prince that resided just 25 miles north of Bucharest. Here you’ll find an isolated monastery island located in the middle of Lake Snagov which is regarded as Vlad’s final resting place. Sprinkled across the city lie tiny churches that fit into impossibly small corners. Many of these churches and chapels date back to the 17th and 18th century and feature Renaissance, Greek, Ottoman, and Byzanine styles. Some of the more notable ones include: The Stavropoleos Church, St. Apostles’ Church, Anrim Church, and Doamnei Church. Challenge yourself and see how many of these quaint locations you can find. For a little peace and serenity, head over to the Cismigiu Garden. This beautiful green space features shady walks, cafes, numerous benches, a small pond, and beautiful flora. If you visit during the summer months, you can even treat yourself to a paddleboat rental.

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There are two airports that service the Bucharest area: Aurel Vlaicu Airport and Henri Coanda International Airport. The Henri Coanda International Airport was constructed in the late 1960s and is the larger airport of the two. It’s located 10 miles north from the centre of Bucharest. The Aurel Vlaicu Airport is located 5 miles north of the city centre and the more popular choice for private jet charters arriving and departing in Bucharest.

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