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Famous for its wine, mustard, and scenic medieval vistas

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Besides being known for its mustard namesake, there is so much more to know and discover about this historical French city. Architecturally speaking, Dijon hosts some pretty impressive buildings and homes that date back to the 15th century. Among these fantastic structures lay some of the most beautiful museums in all of France. This sophisticated city is also the fountainhead of the wine route that winds through the Burgundy vineyards. Read more about our private jet charter flights in Dijon. arrow-right

Dijon Jet Charter Information

Dijon is perfect for visitors that enjoy soaking up cultural enrichment while sipping on the finest French wines and indulging in delicious culinary masterpieces. With sophisticated Renaissance and medieval buildings blending into half-timbered homes and polychromatic tiled roofs, Dijon is as aesthetically pleasing as it is rife with history. From world class shopping to a vibrant and contemporary art scene, this fancy French city is not to be missed.

Things to Do in Dijon

If you’ve got a keen eye for all things artsy, the vibrant art scene is for you. Stroll through the city center and take in stunning sculptures and statues displayed tastefully in public spaces. Then visit Le Consortium to take in some of the best contemporary works ever displayed.   The dining scene in Dijon is a foodies’ utopia. The city boasts an impressive variety of fine-dining restaurants loaded up with extraordinary produce and a long-standing custom of culinary distinction. Some of the most notable restaurants to check out include: William Frachot, Stephane Derbord, La Maison Des Cariatides, Loiseau Des Duc, and Le Pre Aux Clercs.   There’s also a medieval ‘robot’ family that’s worth checking out. Without fail, the famous Gothic Notre-Dame church bells ring every 15 minutes. When this happens, peer upwards to the top of the bell tower, and you’ll be able to witness a family hard at work. Papa Jacquemart, wife Jacqueline, and their two children, Jacquelinet and Jacquelinette adorn what has become to be one of the best-known automats in France.   And don’t forget to rub the owl’s belly. Because of its age, Dijon is home to fascinating legends and old stories. The city’s symbol and un-official good luck charm is an owl that’s been carved into the church of Notre-Dame. Just remember to use your left hand when giving it a rub for luck.

How to Book Charter Flights to Dijon

In as little as four hours notice, you can be on your way to one of the world's most prestigious wine producing regions while enjoying elegant services such as gourmet in-flight dining options. Most importantly, you can plan your private jet charter flight to Dijon to meet your schedule. No matter the size of your party or your unique needs, a Stratos Jets air charter consultant can match you with the most appropriate aircraft of any size or model from trusted international operators. At Stratos Jets, we specialize in delivering unique experiences for our clients because we believe that private aviation demands personalized service.

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Dijon Jet Charter Airports

Thanks to the ability to land at smaller, private airports, there are many different airports to choose from when looking for Dijon Jet Charter Airports. With no less than six airports located within a 50-mile radius of Dijon, Stratos Jets can get you as close to your final destination in Dijon as possible. Some of the more popular airports include: Tavaux Airport, Longvic Airport, and Challenges Airport.

Dijon Bourgogne Longvic Dijon,,France

Challanges Challanges,France,France

Tavaux Tavaux,France,France

Champforgeuil Champforgeuil,France,France

Bellevue Bellevue,France,France

La Veze La Veze,France,France

Frotey Frotey,France,France

Pontarlier Pontarlier,France,France

Charnay Charnay,France,France

Ceyzeriat Ceyzeriat,France,France

Saint Yan Saint Yan,France,France

Les Eplatures Les Eplatures,Switzerland,Switzerland

Courcelles Courcelles,France,France

Branches Branches,France,France

Brienne Le Chateau Brienne Le Chateau,France,France

Mirecourt Mirecourt,France,France

Geneva Cointrin Geneva Cointrin,null,Switzerland

Barberey Barberey,France,France

Amberieu Amberieu,France,France

Annemasse Annemasse,France,France

Joigny Joigny,France,France

Montbeugny Montbeugny,France,France

Fourchambault Fourchambault,France,France

Tarare Tarare,France,France

Renaison Renaison,France,France

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