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During the early 1800s a young entrepreneur by the name of Alfred Krupp rescued an almost bankrupt cast steel works from his late father. This endeavour saved the very company that brought economic prosperity to the city of Essen. In fact, Essen still remains home to 13 of Germany’s 100 largest corporations. The blue-collar roots of Essen can still be seen in historic landmarks and monuments. Read more about our private jet charter flights in Essen. arrow-right

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In 2010 Essen was named the European Capital of Culture for the Ruhr area. The city features many museums that chronicle the city’s past. Essen is also home to a variety of different theatres that feature everything from ballet to plays.

Things to Do in Essen

Feast your eyes on the awe-inspiring works created for artistic powerhouses like Caspar David Friedrich, Gustave Courbet, van Gogh, Ferdinand Hodler, Monet, Renoir, Kirchner and Kandinsky at the Museum Folkwang. When the German Poster Museum shut its doors, the Folkwang jumped at the chance to absorb its rich collection and showcase temporary exhibitions of its large collection of graphics from the GDR, Weimar Republic, and Germany in the last 30 years. Immerse yourself in the blue-collar history of Essen by taking a trip to the Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex. Here you’ll find the Ruhr’s most celebrated industrial facility and World Heritage Site. In its post-war heyday, this site was described as Germany’s economic miracle. Today this beautiful 100-hectare complex consists of stunning architecture and a historically-rich pair of museums. The Krupp family is synonymous with Essen’s hard-working roots. This family built an empire that most of the city prospered from. To see firsthand where this industrial tycoon spent his free time, visit the Villa Hugel. Spread over 20 hectares, the 269-room villa features neoclassical architecture and a whole host of modern conveniences installed well ahead of their time.

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For travelers looking to head directly into Essen, the Essen Mulheim Airport is by far the most convenient choice. Since it’s located less than 5 miles of the city, this airport is perfect for travelers hoping to spend less time travelling on the ground. However, there are also a few other airports located within a 30-mile radius of the city. These airports include: Dusseldorf International Airport, Dortmund Airport, and the Monchengladbach Airport.

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