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Helsinki boasts one of the world’s highest urban living standards. The metro area is a clean, efficient home to 1.4 million people. Though it looks like a Shiny Modern City, at its heart, Helsinki is still a charming 500-year old city, sprinkled with quirky Finnish sensibilities. After centuries of being ruled by their neighbors, Helsinki has emerged with its own identity. The Finns have created the Helsinki they like. Read more about our private jet charter flights in Helsinki. arrow-right

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Visitors marvel at the stunning neo-classical buildings such as the National Library, or the elegant Helsinki Cathedral. Almost every architectural style is represented, usually a short walking distance from each other. You can stroll near the ocean, through urban parks, galleries and museums, market squares and shopping areas, with a new surprise at every turn. If your feet hurt just thinking about it, there are plenty of public transit and sightseeing tours to get you around.

Things to Do in Helsinki

The Helsinki Cathedral is a must-see. This gorgeous white edifice, with its twin bell towers and larger-than-life statues, is easily the most-recognized landmark in Helsinki. Ready to see more? Hop on a tram! Helsinki’s trams are one of the world’s oldest electrified transit systems, and a fun, efficient way to see the city! The Old Market Hall near the South Harbor is a treat for the senses! You’ll find fresh seafood, cheeses, baking, wines and other traditional Finnish fare. It’s the perfect place to find souvenirs and experience local cuisine. If you’re travelling with kids, the short ferry ride to the harbor island of Suomenlinna is perfect for adventurers! Explore the 18th Century fortress, clamber aboard a WWII submarine, and see the island’s Toy Museum. Another fun option is the Linnanmäki amusement park, a Helsinki favorite since 1950. The park features classic carnival rides and traditional arcade games. Have a quiet lunch, or get an adrenaline rush on the 65-year-old wooden rollercoaster! Of course, the Finns know that inactivity can be just as pleasant. Public saunas were once everywhere in Helsinki, both for cleanliness and social gathering-place. Local spas such as Löyly and Allas keep the sauna tradition alive, while providing modern amenities. It’s a quintessential Finnish experience – taking time to breath it all in.

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Let Stratos Jet Charters take you on a Finnish journey with on-demand private jet charter flights to Helsinki. Our charter consultants are available around the clock to plan a customized charter flight experience based on your schedule and travel needs. Whether you're flying alone or in a group, Stratos Jets takes the stress out of international travel. We offer our clients a broad range of aircraft options in a variety of categories. To assist in your international adventures, our Trip Support department will also be happy to arrange any hotel reservations, restaurant bookings and ground transportation that you might require.

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Located about nine miles northeast of Helsinki, the Vantaa Airport (airport code EFHK) is the most convenient airport for people arriving on charter flights to Helsinki. It features an excellent new rail connection, as well as bus, taxi and rental car options for travelers. The Vantaa Airport facility strives to be a destination in itself, with spas, restaurants and even the Finnish Aviation Museum.

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