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Home to Mount Rushmore, one of the seven wonders of the world

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Keystone is known for two things: Mt. Rushmore and ‘kitch.’ It’s the place to visit to indulge in whimsy. Charter flight to Keystone to let loose your inner western hero adventurer with horseback riding tours, gold panning, and luxury camping known as glamping. Incredible mountain top views, mysterious cave formations and the Wild West await you!Read more about our private jet charter flights in Keystone. arrow-right

Keystone Jet Charter Information

The iconic American national monument of Mt. Rushmore calls Keystone home. Those larger than life faces of history-making presidents were carved into the mountainside by sculptor Gutzon Borglum and his son Lincoln (clearly this was a labor of love) between 1927 and 1941. This little town, whose 2017 census revealed a population of just 339 warm hearts welcomes nearly 2 million tourists every year.

Originally a goldmining town located in the Black Hills region of Pennington County, South Dakota, its wide streets lined with old west building facades and a few saloon style doors make Keystone a golden nugget in what was once the Wild West. However, it wasn’t just gold that attracted its first settlers. The Black Hills region is considered the ‘best location in the world’ for collecting rose quartz, among a few other natural minerals. After the gold boom, Keystone settled in as a resort town for accommodating the tourists who want to feast their eyes on what is considered ‘one of the seven wonders of the world.’

Keystone is a seasonal tourist town with most tourist activities offered between early May to early October. Summer temperatures reach a high of 82 degrees Fahrenheit, making the summer months the most popular time of year to visit. 

Things to Do in Keystone

Known for its ‘kitch,’ Keystone is the perfect place to indulge in whimsy. Imagine the sound of your spurs spinning as you step through saloon style doors, your eyes adjust to the darker interior, feeling like your favorite western gunslinger.

Before you step back in time with some of the restaurants, build up a buffalo-steak worthy appetite hiking the Mickelson Trail and Black Elk Peak (previously called Harney Peak).

The local accommodations include an interesting feature: luxury camping known as ‘glamping,’ provided by Under Canvas. With a plethora of amazing exclusive activities and tours, this experience alone is worth booking charter flights to Keystone.

Approximately 40 minutes up highway US-16 E, is the Black Hills Cavern, a majestic limestone cave that contains the most complete variety of formations of any of the Black Hills caves.

Getting back to the ‘kitch,’ Keystone offers a variety of gifts to remember your trip with, from some of the finest leather goods in America to those western dress-up Goodtyme sepia-toned photos to delicious taffy.

How to Book Charter Flights to Keystone

Meeting exceptional safety standards, experience the travel comfort that a private flight can provide. Allow a Stratos Jets charter agent to find the right jet to accommodate your charter flights to Keystone. A few items you’ll be asked include:

  • Dates you wish to fly
  • Number of passengers in your party
  • Catering sensitivities
  • Will it be a one-way or round trip?

Committed to providing exceptional client care, our team of experienced aviation consultants effectively transform your needs into action.

Prior to landing in Keystone, our Trip Support Team can help make sure that ground travel to your accommodations and restaurant reservations run smoothly by arranging a chauffeured car and driver on your behalf.

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Keystone Jet Charter Airports

There are three arrival airports to choose from when you charter flights to Keystone. The Rapid City Regional Airport (RAP) is a full-service airport offering General Aviation (GA) and Specialized Aviation Service Operations. The Custer County Airport (KCUT) offers a runway that’s 5500’ long. The third airport option is actually a helipad, the Mount Rushmore Helipad which, from there, is a 7-minute drive into Keystone along Route 244.

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