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Las Vegas is a one-stop destination for gambling, shopping, and fine dining. It's also home to some of the best entertainment in the country. Vegas's embrace of all things glitzy is a major draw. This high stakes, fast-paced destination is the perfect place to roll the dice, sample scrumptious fare, and indulge in the finer things in life. Read more about private jet charter flights in Las Vegas arrow-right

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What was once founded by railroad workers and ranchers has now become a desert metropolis built on gambling, liquor, and entertainment. Las Vegas, home to world-class resorts and casinos, is a highly sought after vacation destination, but it hasn't always been that way. By the 1930s, Las Vegas was synonymous for mobs, drugs, and racketeering. Casinos were built for money laundering, and organized crime was at its peak. It was during this time that the Hoover Dam was completed and Fremont Street had started showcasing a whole new string of showgirl venues. It wasn't until the 90s that Las Vegas truly began to take the shape it now resembles today. Mega casinos and resorts began to pop up, replacing the smaller, aging casinos that once reigned supreme. Now, nearly 40 million visitors head to the desert annually to try their luck in some of the most prominent casinos in the world.

Things To Do in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known as the Entertainment Capital of the World. Whether your trip to Las Vegas is for high-stakes gambling, premiere MMA or boxing events or just to catch a local show, Stratos Jet Charters has the resources to arrange your  Las Vegas charter flights with the height of service.

Las Vegas is home to more than just casinos on The Strip. In fact, one of the world's most unique and amazing national parks is a short drive from there. President Theodore Roosevelt, who designated the Grand Canyon a national park, said: "The Grand Canyon fills me with awe. It is beyond comparison and beyond description; absolutely unparalleled throughout the wide world.... It is a site that every American should see.”

If only Roosevelt could have seen it from the sky! Stratos Jet Charters can arrange a helicopter tour through the Grand Canyon for you.

Other top attractions in Las Vegas include:

How to Book Charter Flights to Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada is one of the busiest markets in the United States for private jet flights, and attracts some of the world’s wealthiest visitors. Because of the high demand for a Las Vegas private jet charter, it can be difficult to find a suitable aircraft when big events are happening… unless, of course, you choose Stratos Jet Charters.

Unlike a commercial airline, we aren’t limited to a specific type of aircraft. Nor are we obliged to work with any one operator. With our industry connections, we have the freedom to access thousands of approved aircraft and operators. From turboprops and light jets to heavy jets and charter airliners, we act on behalf of our clients to find the best fit possible.

This approach allows us to choose from a wide selection of luxury jets to pinpoint one that delivers the features and performance to match your itinerary in terms of:

  • Distance travelled
  • Budget
  • Airport characteristics
  • Cabin amenities
  • Aircraft performance
  • Number of passengers


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Las Vegas Jet Charter Airports

While the bulk of commercial air traffic arrives through McCarron International Airport (LAS), a private jet charter to Las Vegas has the additional choice of touching down at either Henderson Executive Airport (HND) or North Las Vegas Airport (VGT). If you'd like, our Trip Support team can ensure there's ground transportation waiting to whisk you off to your favourite resort upon your arrival.

Mc Carran Intl Las Vegas,NEVADA,United States

North Las Vegas Las Vegas,NEVADA,United States

Henderson Executive Las Vegas,NEVADA,United States

Searchlight Searchlight,NEVADA,United States

Hidden Hills Pahrump,NEVADA,United States

Laughlin/bullhead Intl Bullhead City,ARIZONA,United States

Mesquite Mesquite,NEVADA,United States

Kingman Kingman,ARIZONA,United States

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