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History is woven into the tapestry of Flemish France

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Located 140 miles northwest of Paris, Lille began as a village between branches of the Deûle River. Though it has grown to France’s fifth-largest city, it has kept an “island mentality”. Lille was influenced by neighboring Belgium but is still staunchly French. Not quite Belgian, and definitely not Parisian, Lille grew into its own place. Known for producing textiles, Lille is the cultural hub of Northern France. Read more about our private jet charter flights in Lille. arrow-right

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Lille prides itself on producing gifted citizens. Louis Pasteur was from Lille, as was actor Phillipe Noiret and President Charles de Gaulle. De Gaulle’s birthplace is still a popular landmark. But it is pre-war Lille that will take your breath away. Stately historic buildings surround the Grand Place market square. The nearby Cathedral of Lille was started in 1854, but due to wartime damage, wasn’t completed until 1999. And the Lille Citadel is one of the best examples of 17th century military fortifications. 

Things to Do in Lille

There are plenty of historic landmarks to experience in Lille. If you don’t mind heights, start at the top! The Town Hall Belfry dominates Lille from its height of 342 feet. Once you’ve climbed the first 100 steps, you can take the elevator or continue on the steps. The reward is a 360 ° panorama of Lille and even the mountains of Flanders on a clear day! The restored Old Town enchants visitors with its flamboyant 17th century architecture. You can explore at your leisure, or participate in a walking tour with a local guide. As mentioned, the Citadel is an extraordinary military fortification, built by Louis XIV’s genius engineer, Sébastien Vauban. The five-sided fortress influenced many subsequent military buildings, including the modern U.S. Pentagon. As a bonus, the Citadel shares the island with the Lille Zoo. The Zoo features 400 animals representing 80 different species including monkeys, zebras, panthers, and rare birds. Plus it has The Cub Corner, a permanent fun fair for children. France is naturally a haven for foodies! Lille offers many traditional “gastronomique” French restaurants, with a Northern twist. The Belgian influence is strong, and many menus feature Belgian beers and traditional stews. Of course, a picnic with baguettes or pastries from a local bakery is just as authentically French! 

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Let Stratos Jet Charters transport you to the beauty and history of northern France the with on-demand private jet charters to Lille. Our expert charter consultants are always available to plan a customized charter flight experience based on your schedule and travel needs. Whether you're flying solo, with family or in a large group, Stratos Jets takes the stress out of international travel. We offer a broad range of aircraft options in a variety of categories. We can arrange for aircraft that are equipped with the latest business and entertainment technologies, so you can remain as productive, or as relaxed, as you wish while traveling. To assist in your international adventures, our Trip Support department will also be happy to arrange any hotel reservations, restaurant bookings and ground transportation that you might require.

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To ensure your personal safety, Stratos Jets exceeds international regulations in certain critical areas such as requiring two highly trained pilots aboard every flight. Fly with Stratos into Aeroport Lille-Lesquin (LFQQ) and enjoy your stay in Lille!

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