Finding and booking a one-way charter flight between New York and London can be a difficult process. As the largest centers for international finance, New York and London are frequent air charter destinations for business executives and financial leaders across the world. These executives charter private jets between the global cities to enjoy the safest and most reliable form of travel. The high demand for private jet flights between the two cities increases empty leg and one-way availability but it also decreases aircraft availability in the charter market.

In order to provide more aircraft options for New York and London jet charters, Stratos Jet Charters recently invited one of the foremost private aircraft operators in the New York City area to join our prestigious Approved Vendor Program. Through the new vendor relationship, Stratos Jets can help our clients take advantage of one-way and point-to-point pricing between New York and London on two of the safest and most highly-maintained Gulfstream aircraft.

By expanding our air charter service to include the new aircraft operator, Stratos Jets can provide one-way and round-trip air charter service on a Gulfstream III and Gulfstream IV charter jet. These 12-passenger jets are noted for the luxurious amenities and have extended range capabilities that enable the aircraft to make the 3,012 nautical mile journey from in less than six hours. In addition, the interior cabins on both aircraft are configured to provide sleeping arrangements for four passengers during the long flight.

In order for the New York City-based air carrier to become an approved vendor, it was first required to meet with Stratos Jets strict and stringent air carrier criteria. This criteria required the aircraft operator to adhere to Federal Aviation Administration Part 135 regulations as well as Department of Transportation regulations. In addition, the vendor had to meet with our own high insurance and flight crew member requirements. Our air charter agency established this set of stringent criteria to ensure our clients safety on every charter flight.

After finding our aircraft operator to be in full compliance with these requirements, Stratos Jets is now happy to provide transatlantic air charter service between New York and London. By inviting the aircraft operator to join our Approved Vendor Program, Stratos Jets hopes to provide the highest level of jet charter service that can meet the specific needs of our clients.