Fully understanding the benefits of every private aviation business model before entering into a contract will provide you with the confidence to make the right business aviation decision for you and your company. When presented with all the business aviation models, including fractional ownership and on-demand private jet charter, many air charter consumers feel more comfortable working with well-known fractional ownership companies such as NetJets and Flight Options because of their strong reputation. These fractional jet ownership companies have earned the confidence and respect of hundreds of private jet flyers for offering fractional interests in the finest private aircraft fleets in the world. These companies continually offer the best service and highest level of professionalism in the business aviation industry.

While fractional ownership companies provide a high level of prestige and consistency, there are limitations to the fractional ownership business model. Originally developed by private aviation giant NetJets, the concept of fractional ownership was designed to provide an alternative to whole aircraft ownership. By purchasing a pro-rata share or fractional interest in a business aircraft, private jet flyers can eliminate the high costs of maintenance and acquisition fees and still enjoy the benefits of aircraft “ownership.” However, fractional owners are restricted to utilizing the same type of aircraft they purchased their interest in regardless of the distance or passenger count of individual flights. In addition, the initial cash outlay of fractional ownership is still considerable and can cost your company well into millions of dollars depending on share size.

Stratos Jet Charters has the ability to arrange “on-demand” charter flights on fractional aircraft through our unique business model and long-standing relationships with highly reputable fractional ownership companies. Our “on-demand” approach to private jet charter allows us to provide pricing for private jet flights on fractional aircraft on a per-flight basis. We can provide all the advantages of the most prestigious fractional ownership company including safe aircraft, expert pilots, high insurance levels, without the massive capital outlay of fractional ownership. Our air charter consultants utilize positioning legs of large fractional companies to provide point-to-point pricing on air charter flights. In addition, we have access a diverse line of fractional aircraft that can accommodate the specific needs of your flight without the restrictions of fractional ownership. Through Stratos Jet Charters on-demand business model, you and your company have the ability to enjoy all the benefits of fractional ownership without the capital commitment or restrictions.