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Besides lobster, Portland is also famous for having the most breweries per capita

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Charter flights to Portland, ME for the seafood (and the beer). There, we said it. No beating about the bush. Mouth-watering lobster and oysters. Micro-breweries. Sailing adventures and lighthouse views. Take a wander through the Old Port Waterfront and imagine what it was like 200 or 300 years ago when it wasn’t busy so much with tourists, but lively with fishermen and merchants making trade.Read more about our private jet charter flights in Portland. arrow-right

Portland Jet Charter Information

Charter flights to Portland, a coastal New England city on the peninsula of Casco Bay to experience a charming eastern city with the most breweries per capita despite being the first dry state in America in 1851.

Being a port town, it has its share of fascinating history. Lighthouses began dotting the coastline in 1791 at the entrance to the main shipping port. The Old Port Waterfront has been converted from working fishing wharves and warehouses into restaurants and shops. If you’re wandering around in the winter, you may want to layer your clothing as it can get quite chilly at 10-13 degrees Fahrenheit. If you visit during the summer months, you’ll likely see comfortable temperatures in the mid-high 20’s.

The city has fallen to fire and rebuilt itself four times since 1676 and so as an ode to those times, the city’s seal and flag display a phoenix rising from the ashes.

Things to Do in Portland, ME

Besides lobster, Maine is famous for its lighthouses that protect the entire 3,478-mile coast line. Charter flights to Portland and take some time to enjoy the spectacular views from the lighthouses. You may see a whale breaching, but if you really want to get up close and personal with a majestic sea mammal, take a whale watching tour. We recommend Cap’n Fish’s Whale Watch or Bar Harbor Whalewatch Co. Lighthouse Tours.

Since Portland is famous for its lobster and seafood, you should consider dining at one (or all!) of these fabulous restaurants:

  • Back Bay Grill
  • Eventide Oyster Company
  • Fore Street Restaurant

Also, Portland is famous for the most breweries per capita which means you won’t have to wait quite as long for tastings! Spend some time sipping and sampling craft beer at these must-visit breweries:

  • Shipyard Brewery
  • Rising Tide Brewing Company
  • Bunker Brewing Company

Being at the water’s edge on the east coast, it would really be beautiful to see it from the point of view of a sailor. Maine DaySail and the Schooner Timberwind offers day sailing and sunset cruises on four different schooners all built in the early-ish 1900’s and still in top condition.

If being out on the water isn’t where you’re comfortable, perhaps a few points of interest found on land will be a feast for your eyes!

Take in a show at Merrill Auditorium, originally built in 1911 and renovated in 1997 or relax at Nine Stones Spa or at the unique Soakology Foot Sanctuary and Teahouse. 

Of course, there is always shopping at the Old Port Waterfront where restaurants and shops continue to keep a lively atmosphere at the old fishing wharves of yesteryear. 

How to Book Charter Flights to Portland, ME

For the salt-sea air that cleanses the soul, charter flights to Portland, ME. Allow a Stratos Jets Charter agent fit you with the perfect aircraft to meet your needs. Meeting exceptional safety standards, experience the comfort and luxury that private air travel provides.

A few things to consider when booking include:

  • Dates you wish to fly
  • Number of passengers in your party
  • Catering sensitivities
  • Will it be a one-way or round trip?

Our private aircraft consultants are committed to ensuring that your flight is relaxing and comfortable for you. Should you require ground transportation upon arrival, prior to landing, please allow our Trip Support Team to arrange a chauffeured car and driver to take you to your accommodation and restaurant reservation.

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Portland Jet Charter Airports

Charter flights to Portland, ME land at Portland International Jetport (PWM) which is a 10-minute drive to downtown Portland. Why a ‘jetport’ instead of an airport, you may be wondering? In the 1950’s and 60’s, jet travel was considered very modern and held in high esteem. It’s just a little thing that PWM wants to keep just as it is. Prior to landing, please let us know if we may help to arrange a chauffeured car and driver to take you to your hotel and restaurant reservation.

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