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You know those Navel oranges you love so much? They came from here.

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Everyone has his or her own way of peeling an orange. For some, it’s a ritual and can be a metaphor for life. An orange always tastes its most exquisite when it’s freshly harvested (that goes for most things) and for some, that alone would be worth the charter flights to Riverside. Not just famous for its oranges, Riverside is also known as the City of Arts & Innovation.Read more about our private jet charter flights in Riverside. arrow-right

Riverside Jet Charter Information

While the California gold rush was slowing down, a horticulturist, William Saunders, gave the gift of three Brazilian Navel Orange saplings to his friends, the Tibbets. Turns out that while the oranges didn’t take to Florida’s climate, they thrived in Riverside’s hot, dry landscape and thus began what has been called the second gold rush. By the late 19th century, the city was considered the richest per capita in all of America.

Located 55 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, Riverside is considered part of Greater LA and has a population of roughly 303,870 locals who don’t mind the 47-mile drive to the beautiful California beaches to dip their toes in the Pacific.

Charter flights to Riverside and explore the birthplace of the citrus industry in Southern California. Stay at the world famous, Mission Inn Hotel and Spa, and picnic in the California Citrus State Historic Park.

Things to Do in Riverside

Since, most people wouldn’t charter flights to Riverside just for an orange, supplement your visit by staying at the architecturally gorgeous Mission Inn Hotel and Spa. Bask in the California warmth, go to the first theatre ever to screen Gone With the Wind, and take in the view from the top of Mount Rubidoux.

If you love the California sun and being out and about when you visit a city, consider taking an informative and entertaining tour while tasting fresh citrus fruits at the California Citrus State Historic Park. Oranges, grapefruits, lemons and limes taste their most vibrant when freshly harvested. A couple other outdoor sights you may want to take in include the views at the top of Mount Rubidoux. Or take a leisurely stroll through the Botanic Gardens at the University of California. 

If you’re getting into the hotter part of the day, perhaps ducking indoors for some soul-feeding art interests you. We recommend:

  • feasting your eyes on some gorgeous images at the California Museum of Photography
  • wandering next door to the Culver Center of the Arts
  • or slipping into the Riverside Art Museum, designed by architect, Julia Morgan who also was the genius behind Hearst Castle

While on the citrus theme for this visit, take a look at the old Marketplace district to see how the city’s plans to revitalize the former packing houses is coming along. It’s always nice to see a city take pride in its heritage.

Of those three orange tree saplings mentioned above, one still stands. Check out the  Parent Washington Navel Orange Tree, located at the intersection of Magnolia and Arlington Avenue. Approximately 10 years after this tree was planted, there were a quarter million navel orange trees in Riverside alone. 

How to Book Charter Flights to Riverside

For a vitamin C-injected trip, charter flights to Riverside in southern California. A Stratos Jets Charter agent will be happy to help you source the perfect aircraft to meet your flight needs. Meeting exceptional safety standards, experience the luxury and convenience that private air travel can provide. A few things to consider when booking include:

  • Dates you wish to fly
  • Number of passengers in your party
  • Catering sensitivities
  • Will it be a one-way or round trip?

Our private aircraft consultants are committed to providing you with air travel that is comfortable and relaxing. Prior to landing, should you require ground transportation upon arrival, please allow our Trip Support Team to arrange a chauffeured car and driver to take you to your accommodation and restaurant reservation.

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Riverside Jet Charter Airports

Charter flights to Riverside in southern California land at Riverside Municipal Airport (KRAL) on runways up to 5401 feet long. The airport is an aeronautical education center with a large selection of educational programs in flight, mechanical and aviation degree programs. It is also only a four-mile drive SW of Riverside. Prior to landing, please let us know if we may help to arrange a chauffeured car and driver to take you to your hotel accommodation and restaurant reservation.

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