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One of the most influential historic and cultural centers in the world, those travelling to Rome for business or for pleasure are sure to experience a trip to remember. Shop for top brand Italian fashions and walk off those delicious carbs by visiting ancient Roman sites such as the Coliseum and the Roman Forum. Make your way up the Spanish Steps. Toss a coin in the Trevi Fountain, or head over to the Vatican to see where the Pope lives. It's near impossible to experience Rome in just one day.Read more about our private jet charter flights in Rome. arrow-right

Rome Jet Charter Information

  The capital of the ancient Roman Empire, home to the Vatican and the Pope, and now the capital city of Italy, Rome has some of the most iconic historical locations and monuments anywhere. As the origin for many aspects of Western civilization, Rome has a history that spans two and a half thousand years. However, it is also a modern and forward thinking city and is a major financial and business centre within the European Union. Its main economy sectors include:

  • Tourism
  • Fashion
  • Commerce
  • Film production
  • Telecommunications
  • Food


Things to Do in Rome

As the saying goes, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. That doesn’t mean you have to know every word in Italian, but you can embrace every moment by experiencing Rome like the Romans. Rome is one of the most fashion forward cities in the world, so make sure to get styled by looking for the best in Italian leather shoes and Fendi bags. Rome is also all about the food. Ask the locals their recommendations on the best fine dining restaurants and trattorias and make sure to sip on an espresso while the mopeds pass you by at a corner coffee bar. Besides the many dining and shopping options, you’ll also want to see Rome’s historic and cultural attractions. Start at the Spanish Steps, the butterfly-shaped Baroque-era staircase and meeting place and head through the city center to toss a few coins in the Trevi Fountain. Other landmarks include the Pantheon, the iconic temple built around 120 A.D. that features the tombs of Raphael and other famed Italian artists, as well as the Colosseum, the Roman amphitheater once used for Gladiator games, and the Roman Forum, where the ruins of Roman temples, squares and government buildings have been excavated. On the other side of the River Tiber is Vatican City, where you can admire the sheer size of St. Peter’s Basilica and visit its underground tomb by special permission from the Vatican’s excavations office. Next door is the Sistine Chapel, with its famed ceiling fresco painted by Michelangelo. Tours are also offered of the Vatican Gardens, which cover more than half of the Vatican.  

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Rome Jet Charter Airports

There are two primary international airports that serve Rome and Central Italy that are utilized by North American travelers. They include Leonardo Da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport (LIRF), the primary and busiest airport in Rome. Bed in the town of Fiumicino, it is located 21.7 miles west of Rome’s historic city center. Ciampino-GB Pastine International Airport (LIRA) is a secondary international airport that is an important hub for general aviation and also serves as a military air base. It located 7.5 miles southeast of central Rome.

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