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A stunning city spread over 14 islands, connected by bridges, and surrounded by sparkling waters

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Stockholm is often thought of as one of the world’s most beautiful cities, built where lake meets sea, spread over fourteen islands, and containing eight centuries of history and culture. What makes Stockholm so unique is the shimmering blue waters that surround the islands. Everywhere you look, there's beautiful sparkling clean water, giving visitors and residents the opportunity for swimming, boating and even fishing right in the middle of the city.Read more about our private jet charter flights in Stockholm. arrow-right

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You'd be hard-pressed to find a friendlier, more welcoming city than Stockholm. Nearly everyone here speaks at least a little bit of English. And with so many attractions it can be daunting for visitors to decide what to explore first. The best way to get there and experience it all is to book your private jet charters to Stockholm through Stratos Jet Charters.

Things to Do in Stockholm

Stockholm has been called the Venice of the north, and while waterways play a large part in any visit, there are also many land-bound activities you want to include as you plan your trip to Stockholm. Topping the list is a visit to the Vasa Museum. This maritime museum displays the only almost fully intact 17th Century ship that has ever been salvaged. The museum tells the history of Swedish life at the time the ship was built, and also chronicles the modern story of the Vasa’s rediscovery and salvaging 333 years later. Stockholm’s beauty and fashion sense are legendary. Fans of industrial design can choose from several museums that cover the subject: whether you're looking for fashion trends, interior design or clever packaging, minimalism and no-fuss functionality are everywhere. And if a food trend appears anywhere in the world, Stockholm is on it. As for traditional Swedish cooking, fried herring, meatballs, toast Skagen and sill with hard bread are all menu standards. Visitors to Stockholm also enjoy the historical walking tours. Stockholm Old Town is a popular destination. Dating back as early as the 13th Century, Old Town is a fascinating labyrinth of cobbled streets, alleyways and brightly colored houses. It is home to the Royal Palace and Royal Chapel, as well as an array of cafes, restaurants, galleries and museums.

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At Stratos Jets, we’re here to help you make informed buying decisions. You can count on us for the most reliable Stockholm jet charter information available. Our trip support specialists will work with you through your entire trip planning process, assisting you with not only the arrangements of aircraft flight crew, and catering staff, but also helping with accommodations, meal reservations, booking business meeting venues and much more.

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Near or far, Stratos makes reaching your destination more comfortable than ever. Our connections to thousands of private airports locally and abroad mean Stratos can take off and touch down virtually anywhere, including Stockholm jet charter airports. Contact one of our trip support specialists today, and we'll get right to work, ensuring the proper organization of your flight and attending to your unique travel requirements. Travel with Stratos and see the difference for yourself.

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