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Short notice flights

Fly when you want. Pay as you go. With an on demand jet charter, you’ll enjoy the ultimate freedom and flexibility that private jet travel provides. In as little as four hour’s notice, you can be flying in any size and type of aircraft available on the market.

Our on-demand program is ideal for individual and executive travelers with changing needs and a preference for paying on a per-flight basis. This option is also ideal if you travel infrequently, or you’d rather not commit to a jet card membership or other pre-paid program.

If you travel a lot, then you already know how important it is to secure the right aircraft for your charter flight. By using an on demand jet charter, you’ll always have access to aircraft across a range of classes, and choose the one that suits your needs the best.

On demand charters are also popular with travelers who need to book short notice flights. If your schedule changes frequently, it’s nice to know your travel schedule is flexible enough to get you where you need to be. With a quick phone call, you can begin the planning process, and within a matter of hours, you could be boarding a private jet for your next important meeting.

Additionally, if the timing is right and your schedule permits, you could also access discounted empty leg flights (aka one-way charter flights). On demand charters are also a terrific option for people who want to attend popular world events, including:

  • Musical and stage performances
  • Art exhibitions
  • Sporting events
  • Fashion shows

Whether you’re booking months in advance or you’re looking for short notice flights to see your team in the big game, on demand is the way to go.

Examples of On Demand Prices

To get a better idea of how much on demand charter flights cost, see the following table highlighting the per-hour cost of aircraft across each class. To find out the exact cost of your next on demand charter flight, visit our Pricing page and use the Instant Pricing tool.

Light jets

Citation Jet $2,650

Hawker Beechcraft Premier $2,755

Learjet 35 $2,860

Citation Encore $3,280


Learjet 55 $3,385

Citation III $3,700

Astra SPX $3,700

Hawker 800XP 3,962


Falcon 50 $4,750

Citation X $4,750

Gulfstream G200 $4,960

Challenger 300 $5,170

Heavy Jets

Embraer Legacy $5,590

Challenger 605 $5,590

Global 5000 $8,950

Gulfstream G500 $8,950

Need a pricing estimate for your private jet charter?

Check out our pricing tool to see the estimated cost of chartering a private jet on any route you wish to travel. See the pricing among different aircraft categories for both domestic and international flights.

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