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The Dassault Falcon 10X

A business jet better than the rest

Slated to enter service at the end of 2025, the Dassault Falcon 10x is soaring its way to the top of the list of most sought-after business jets. Offering unmatched technology, the largest cabin in its class, and an impressive range of 7,500 nautical miles, the 10x is at the top of every jetsetters wish list.

The safest, most advanced aircraft in its class

The Falcon line has always been admired for their aerodynamic refinement. The 10x is no different. With a clean-line design, has been manufactured with precision and quality to accommodate its high-speed performance.
The Falcon’s next-generation flight deck is absolutely revolutionary. Pilots will appreciate the simplified, intuitive interfaces and multi-functional touch screens, providing easier flight management and enhanced in-flight safety. The cockpit also provides pilots with an advanced flight control system that includes the FalconEye, a Combined Vision System that gives pilots the sight they need to operate at night and during the day.

More cabin space & comfort for long-range travel

One of the most notable features of the 10x is its unprecedented cabin size and interior design. The Falcon 10x will be large enough to accommodate four different equally-sized cabin zones, but it can also be customized to suit the purchaser’s specific needs and desires. Its versatility is one of its biggest differentiators.
Need more space for conducting business onboard? No problem. The cabin can be configured to expand the conference/dining area, while still providing passengers with a decent sized entertainment area and an enlarged master bedroom suite complete with its own stand-up shower.
And with 38 extra-large windows dotting the fuselage, you’ll be able to enjoy the brightest cabin in the sky and never miss out on those epic panoramic views.

Cabin features:

  • Touted as the largest cabin of its size, you’ll enjoy ample headspace and plenty of room for both working and relaxing.
  • Largest-in-the-industry panoramic windows offer a superior flight experience.
  • Top-of-the-line high-speed connectivity puts you in control of how you spend your time in the skies.
  • The Falcon environmental control system maintains optimal temperatures in the cabin by eliminating hot or cold spots.

Other cabin amenities include:

  • A next-generation filtration system provides 100-percent pure air.
  • The best cabin pressurization system on the market for the ultimate anti-fatigue experience.
  • An endless variety of cabin configurations for complete customization.
  • Sound suppression provides passengers with a peaceful environment in one of the quietest cabins in business aviation.

Performance and specifications at a glance

Every detail of the Falcon 10x has been designed with the passenger in mind, getting passengers to their destinations non-stop and in comfort every mile of the way.


Capacity: This business jet can comfortably accommodate up to eight passengers comfortably or more when necessary.


Cabin Measurements: The cabin is nearly 7 feet tall at 6 feet, 8 inches and just over 9 feet wide stretching to an impressive length of 53 feet, 10 inches.


Baggage Capacity: The storage compartments offer 198 cubic feet of space, so you can take everything you need along with you.


Maximum Range: Fly to all the international business destinations you need to without stopping on the Falcon 10x. With an impressive range of 7,500 nm, you can fly from Shanghai to New York or Los Angeles to Sydney non-stop.


Runway distance: The 10x requires less than 2,500 feet of landing distance. Though it’s large, it can still access many different business hubs around the world.


Speed: Outfitted with the most advanced and efficient engine, the Rolls Royce Pearl 10x, the 10x jet offers 18,000 pounds of thrust, pushing it to a top speed of Mach .925.


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Dassault Falcon 10x: Aircraft Charter Specifications


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