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Sports Team Jet Charter

Sports teams traveling to and from games, races or events greatly benefit from chartering private aircraft. Stratos Jets offers customized service to meet the demands of any collegiate and professional athletic team or affiliated party including team supporters, alumni and family members. Schedule convenient departure locations and times to accommodate the team’s itinerary, and fly into the nearest airport for quick access to the group’s ultimate destination. Here are some of the advantages a sport team jet charter provides:

  • Team meetings in a private cabin
  • Customized cabin layout (ie. all first-class seating or a mix of first-class and economy)
  • Much less stress than commercial aviation
  • Dedicated charter agent will coordinate details such as catering, team equipment and departure times
  • Minimize procedures for security checks, baggage claim and other delays by meeting the aircraft at a private FBO
  • Faster check-ins and transfers
  • Travel as a group, arrive as a group
  • Increased security for high-profile athletes, coaches and VIPs

Organizing a private charter aircraft makes transporting cargo and equipment easy. By having your players and equipment on the same aircraft, you reduce the potential for lost luggage, and it streamlines the overall trip-planning process. Traveling in the privacy of your own jet cabin allows for increased rest and relaxation for athletes and time for coach’s meetings. To maximize comfort, we can even provide first-class seating for extra legroom throughout your charter aircraft. Our dedicated agents can arrange sport team jet charters to and from domestic and international sporting venues, while providing in-flight services such as Wi-Fi, for increased communication; customized meals and beverages for athletes; branding and team logos throughout the private jet cabin. Your Stratos Jets’ charter agents will help determine the appropriate aircraft for the size of the team and its payload, and ensure it meets the safety standards set by the Federal Aviation Administration. We are proud to serve both professional and collegiate athletes in the following sports, but not limited to:

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Equestrian
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • Lacrosse
  • Car Racing
  • Soccer
  • Tennis

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