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Overall Satisfaction

The crew made me feel safe, and I would fly with this crew again.


I felt the crew were true professionals. They were well dressed, on time and focused.


The crew provided a pre-flight briefing of the safety features of the plane.


Throughout our travels, the flight crew was helpful to address our needs (assistance with our luggage, temperature control, in-flight entertainment, amenities, seating configuration, etc.).


Overall Satisfaction

The airplane we flew in was comfortable and met our requirements.

Aircraft Condition

The aircraft was clean, well maintained, luxurious, and comfortable.

Aircraft Amenities

All of the functions of the aircraft were in working order.

Flight Advisor

Overall Satisfaction

My Flight Advisor was helpful, and I would recommend him/her to a friend or family member.


My Flight Advisor took the time to understand my needs and answer my questions.

Market Analysis

My Flight Advisor provided a comprehensive market analysis that addressed my needs or concerns.


My Flight Advisor was knowledgeable and helped me to make an informed buying decision.

Trip Support

Overall Satisfaction

The Trip Support team provided enhanced value in the coordination of our travel arrangements.


The Trip Support team was accessible and responsive to my needs.


The Trip Support team was proactive in requesting the necessary information to properly arrange our travel arrangements.

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