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Cessna Citation X
Cessna Citation X
Cessna Citation X

Citation X

Manufacturer:  Cessna
Class:  Super Mid
Seating:  7-9/11
Lavatory:  aft lav
Cabin Dimensions:  5.70 x 5.50 x 23.90 (H-W-L)
Storage Capacity:  82
Max Payload:  12,000 lb
Take Off Distance:  5140ft
Climb Rate:  3650 fpm
Cruise Speed:  541 mph
Maximum Range:  2959
Cruise Altitude:  47000 ft

Citation X Highlights

Powered by two Rolls-Royce jet engines, the Citation X/750 charter jet is the fastest civilian aircraft on the planet, certified to fly up to 525 knots. Produced by the American based Cessna Aircraft Company, the first Citation X was bought by golfing legend Arnold Palmer who would go on to set the top speed record for the aircraft at 473 knots. This business jet’s 3070 nm range means its luxury travelers can fly from San Francisco on a private jet to Boston or New York without a stop. The jet’s 23-foot-length cabin provides plenty of room for eight to 12 passengers and two crew members. This corporate jet provides the luxury of stand-up comfort allowing ease of movement while in flight, while the Honeywell avionics on the Citation X provide pilots with exceptional safety technology. The Citation X from Cessna is smart jet charter choice for the busy executive business traveler.

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