When booking medical air transportation, whether you need a private jet to transfer a patient from one hospital to another or to respond to an emergency quickly and safely, an air ambulance broker you can trust makes all the difference.

At Stratos, we have nearly 20 years of experience helping people get the care they need with our emergency and bedside-to-bedside medical air transportation services. From how to book the aircraft to how much it costs, here are four things to know about air ambulance services—

and how we strive to give patients and their families peace of mind and the best possible care.

1. What types of aircraft are used for medical air transportation?

We provide immediate access to a wide range of jets and turboprops. Staffed with highly qualified nurses and paramedics who provide lifesaving care in-flight, these aircraft feature specially designed cabins that provide easy access for patients on stretchers and plenty of room for medical staff and advanced life support equipment.

Just like with our private jet charters, the aircraft used for medical air transportation are vetted through our Approved Vendor Program that helps ensure your safety in the air.

2. How do you book medical air transportation?

When an emergency arises, you need a team that can react quickly. To help prepare the flight and medical staff, our highly trained med-flight coordinators will ask you for more information about the patient’s condition, including:

  • The patient’s medical history and the nature of their illness
  • Contact information for the doctor at the initial treating hospital
  • Contact information for the assigned doctor at the receiving hospital

By gathering this information, the medical team in the air can stay in constant contact with the patient’s entire care team on the ground.

3. What are the other types of emergency flights?

At Stratos, there are three main ways that we can provide medical air transportation and emergency flights:

  • Air ambulance flights are our most common emergency service.
  • Evacuation flights help people get out of unforeseen events quickly. During the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, we helped keep families and businesses safe through evacuation flights from COVID-19 hotspots before lockdowns occurred.
  • Post-disaster emergency flights, such as transporting medical teams and supplies to hurricane-stricken regions, are also part of our emergency and medical air transportation services.

4. How much does medical air transport cost?

The cost of medical air transport depends on your route, required equipment and the trained medical staff on board your flight. According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, the median cost of medical air transport ranges from $36,000 to $40,000.

However, your medical or travel insurance may cover a portion of or the entire cost of an air ambulance. If you require additional medical air transport coverage, speak with your insurance company.

For more information about medical air transportation and an accurate air ambulance quote, contact our private flight advisors at 888-593-9066.