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6 Things to Know About Booking Private Jet Charters to Major Events

Every year, there are a handful of marquee events that attract throngs of affluent travelers from around the globe. From sports to culture to business, people often book private jet charters to major events (or other forms of air travel) in order to witness it firsthand.

With potentially hundreds, or sometimes thousands, of flights arriving all within a short timeframe, it places a heavy burden on local airports and surrounding infrastructure. Here are a few tips that will help ensure you enjoy a timely arrival and hassle-free travel experience.

1. Which Events Receive the Highest Private Jet Demand?

The first thing you’ll want to know is which events receive the highest demand for private jet travel. As you might expect, the Super Bowl usually takes top billing, routinely receiving more than 1,500 private aircraft every year. People also book private jet charters to major events such as:

  • Cannes Festival
  • The Masters
  • Art Basel Miami
  • Monaco Grand Prix
  • Kentucky Derby
  • World Economic Forum
  • New York Fashion Week

2. The Effects of Increased Air Traffic

Under normal circumstances, you can usually book a private charter flight with just a few hour’s notice. However, booking private jet charters to major events is anything but normal. That’s why it’s recommended that you arrange your travel plans at least three or four weeks in advance.

Not only does the increased charter demand limit the available number of aircraft for hire, it also increases the volume of traffic flying into and out of airports near the event. This can have a number of effects:

Airport slots: Air traffic control will often regulate the number of available airport slots for arriving and departing planes during heavier-than-normal travel periods.

Flight planning: planning a trip into a city for a major event can take longer than normal, as it can be more difficult to secure things like landing permits and crew visas.

Airport parking: The volume of private jets arriving for major events can cause aircraft parking to reach capacity. Once that happens, any additional planes will be forced to reroute to a nearby airport and return later to collect you later once the event has ended. This can result in additional repositioning fees and can complicate the flight planning process.

3. Venue Location

When you fly to a larger city, you typically have more airport options to choose from. This not only adds flexibility for flight planning, it also means that center will be better equipped to handle larger volumes of air traffic.

A good example of this was Super Bowl 52 in Minneapolis. The city is serviced by a collection of major and reliever airports, including:

  • Minneapolis-St. Paul International (MSP)
  • Paul Downtown Airport (STP)
  • Anoka County-Blaine (ANE)
  • Flying Cloud (FCM)

The opposite goes for smaller cities. For instance, if you want to book charter flights to The Masters, August Regional Airport (AGS) is the only local airport capable of handling air traffic, which amplifies the effect of high-volume air traffic.

4. Crew Duty Restrictions

When booking private jet charters to major events, it’s important to remember that pilots and crew are only permitted to work a maximum of 14 hours at a time. After that, they are required to rest for a minimum of 10 hours before their next shift.

This can be a limiting factor if you’re hoping to fly to an event and return home in a single day.

5. Ground Transportation and Lodgings

private jet charters to major events

Similar to aircraft parking, an increase in the number of visitors to a region increasesthe demand for services such as ground transit and hotel accommodations. If you’re booking private jet charters to major events, talk to your agent about reserving these services for you.

6. Be Specific with Your Charter Flight Request

When talking to your private flight advisor, make sure you provide the precise details you require, including:

  • Number of passengers
  • Preferred cabin amenities
  • Total luggage weight

While last-minute changes are usually not a big deal, when travelling during peak travel times, it can affect your ability to secure your preferred aircraft and chosen departure time.

For expert advice when booking private jet charter to major events, talk to Stratos Jet Charters. Our agents have the skill and resources to secure the most suitable aircraft so that you can fly safely and conveniently to high-traffic events around the world.

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