How can the 200 million-year-old Grand Canyon be celebrating its 100th birthday in 2019? Well, actually, the National Parks Service is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Grand Canyon National Park. The canyon area was originally designated as Forest Preserve in 1893. That changed when Teddy Roosevelt saw the breathtaking vistas in 1903. He used his relentless energy to preserve this wonder for everyone. On February 26, 1919, the Grand Canyon National Park was established. As a Stratos private jet charter traveler, you can join the celebrations, revisit the park, or take your family to experience this unique marvel for the first time.

Top 4 Ways to See the Grand Canyon in 2019

As Part of a Las Vegas Visit

Book a private jet charter to Las Vegas as a starting point. Enjoy some shows, maybe a sporting event, gaming and fine dining. Then rent a vehicle, or hire a service to take you to the Grand Canyon West Skywalk. It’s a stunning horseshoe-shaped glass walkway, jutting out 4,000 feet above the canyon floor. It’s a 2.5-hour drive from Vegas, so let us arrange ground transportation for you. Or, use a Stratos Air Taxi from Las Vegas to Peach Springs Airport, 2 miles from the Skywalk Visitors Center.

Road trip


A road trip is a memorable way to enjoy the stunning southwestern landscape. Plus you can bring your bike or golf clubs. Both Phoenix and Las Vegas have excellent luxury car rental agencies. Book a private jet charter to get there, then continue in style in a sleek Lamborghini Huracan or a rugged Range Rover SUV. Just remember, since the weather near the Grand Canyon plateau is variable, be sure you know how to put the top up on the convertible. 


Until the 1950’s, the Grand Canyon National Park was only accessible by train, from Williams, AZ. Relive this great rail adventure on the Historic Grand Canyon Railway. Travel on beautifully-restored rail cars with lively musicians and Old West cowboy characters. The best view is from the Luxury Dome Car, featuring a full-length dome up top and a roomy lounge below with private bar service and snacks provided. When booking, you have the choice of returning the same day or staying overnight at the Historic Grand Canyon Hotel.


Helicopter or Raft Tour

Although the view from the rim is awe-inspiring, the canyon can also be enjoyed from above or below. Multiple tour companies offer helicopter and aircraft tours through the canyon. It’s an excellent way to gain an overview of the canyon landscape. Likewise, a rafting trip down the canyon will dazzle you with the imposing geology. It’s great as a corporate reward… take your team down the river.   If you’re looking for a private jet charter company that can arrange luxury charter flights to anywhere in the world, including the gorgeous grand canyon, call Stratos Jets—888-593-9066.