Business Jet Charter: Dependability During Unique Times

Until a few months ago, business aviation was a staple among both big and small businesses around the world. Meetings took place around the world – and the clock – and many CEOs would board their business jet charter to get there.  

As the economy has shifted in recent months, business aviation slowed as meetings moved to online platforms with business owners and entrepreneurs staying home. This shift happened quickly and was a great solution at the time. But things are changing, and the demand for business aviation is on the rise once again. 

An invaluable business tool

Business aviation allows CEOs and other company decision-makers to minimize their travel time and enhance their productivity and efficiency in a safe and secure setting.  

By physically putting themselves into each and every market they serve via jet, they can enjoy the benefits of a decentralized business and engage on a more personal level. This is really important to those CEOs that adopt the human-assets approach and who typically spend nearly 90 percent of their time away from the office.  

When asked why he spends so much time traveling for business, Al Zeien, CEO of Gillette said,

“I travel because that’s where the people are. I travel because I want to be sure that people who are making the decisions in, say, Argentina have the same reference base as I do for the company. I want to make sure they are all using the same ground rules I would use. I want to see if they have the same objectives. I travel because you can only find these kinds of things on the home ground.” 

With that kind of travel agenda, business aviation is the only solution.  

The benefits of travel via business jets

Today’s marketplace is highly competitive, and it’s important to remain nimble in a changing economy. 

Companies that need to reach multiple destinations quickly rely on business aviation. Not only do they need a reliable form of transportation that will get them there quickly, but they also need a vehicle that can double as a boardroom or office space. 

A business jet charter can accommodate these needs. They can also: 

  • Reduce travel-related stress
  • Reduce flight delays, restrictions, and cancellations
  • Provide better access to company-wide facilities
  • Allow transportation of tools and materials that cannot be carried on commercial aircraft

Traveling with safety & peace of mind in the skies

Today, private aviation provides even more value as it minimizes the exposure risk to potential illnesses, such as COVID-19. This extra safety precaution is invaluable, especially in the changing landscape of today’s current economic state. When travel is unavoidable, everyone looks for the safest method of transportation possible. And as this need arises, the business aviation industry evolves to accommodate it. 

The private aviation industry has adapted in the face of these unprecedented times. Already adhering to high safety standards, charter companies have pushed even harder to expand the margin of safety to mitigate the new health risks. What once catered to the most stringent air charter regulations put in place by the FAA, ARGUS, and WYVERN, now includes recommendations from the CDC.

In today’s trying times, every effort is being taken to ensure passengers’ health and safety, with extra emphasis put on health. 

Over the last few months, we’ve been frequently asked about our business jets and what precautions are being taken to protect against COVID-19. To ensure our clients have a transparent view of our procedures, we posted our COVID-19 private jet travel FAQ’s on our website.

In short, we’re following all the recommendations put together by both the FAA and the CDC and will continue to meet or exceed those requirements. 


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