How Much Does it Cost to Charter a Private Plane?

We’re so happy to say that business aviation is on the rise. While the recent disruptions in commercial air travel have caused many business travelers to seek private charter alternatives, many are discovering just how beneficial private aviation can be. If you are new to on-demand jet charters, or if you’ve been tasked with finding transportation for your boss, Stratos Jet Charters can help.  

Here is a guide to the costs and value you can expect when you charter a private plane with Stratos. 

Aircraft Choice

Your group size and your destination are the main factors in choosing an aircraft.  Costs are then calculated based on that aircraft choice.

For example, a group of 4 travelers could charter a Beechcraft King Air 90 turboprop for a short inter-state hop at about $2,000 to $2,500 per hour.  A group of 8 executives flying to an international meeting in a luxury Citation Sovereign jet could expect to pay a minimum of $5,000 per hour.

If you want to compare the aircraft in our network, try our Private Jet Aircraft page, which allows side-by-side comparisons of each aircraft by type. Or talk to one of our Stratos Agents; they are experts at finding the right aircraft for clients.

Additional costs

The hourly rate is only part of the equation when you charter a private plane.  Typically it covers the costs for the fuel and the crew, plus any airport costs. Depending on your itinerary, you may also have to pay a repositioning fee if your aircraft is at another base. And some international airports also charge fees for their runway and maintenance facilities. 

Additional value

Savvy travelers know the difference between cost and value. Cost is number with a dollar sign in front of it. Value is measured in terms of safety, time, comfort, and flexibility. 

Safety and biosecurity are at the forefront of Stratos Jet Charter services. When you charter a private plane, you can usually depart from a Fixed-Base Operator terminal, avoiding the crowds and lengthy security protocols of larger airport terminals. Smaller jets are also easier to sanitize, and the cabin air is refreshed and filtered rapidly inflight.

Luxury private jets are designed with the amenities business travelers need, like:

  • Comfortable workspaces with fold-out tables
  • Wi-Fi 
  • Electrical outlets
  • Sleeping berths

One of the biggest perks of chartering a private jet is being able to choose your ideal itinerary, to travel a time that works for your team.

Empty Legs Flights

One of the easiest ways to reduce costs is to take advantage of our Empty Leg Flights. When we need to reposition an aircraft in our network, Stratos offers those legs at deeply discounted rates.

If your schedule is flexible, your group could travel on a luxury jet for less than you would pay to fly first-class on a commercial airline. 

So how do you charter a private plane? Gather the essential information: how many people are traveling to which destination. Do they have any special requirements such as extra cargo space for luggage, mobility concerns, or dietary restrictions? Then use our free online pricing tool, or call one of our expert agents.  

The travel industry is rebounding from the challenges of the recent travel restrictions. Although commercial airlines are working hard to resume service, Stratos Jet Charters is ready to fly you where you need to go right now.  We believe that while the cost is a valid consideration, it’s the value that wins in the end.


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