Choosing the Right Luxury Private Jet

One of the perks of luxury private jet charter travel is deciding on the jet to travel in. Sometimes, because of capacity, runway length, and other factors, certain aircraft may not be suitable. But, when you do have a choice, which one is best? Stratos Jet Charters believes that the best aircraft is always the one best-suited to your specific travel needs. But it’s also intriguing to compare aircraft within a category. So we’ve chosen two of our top luxury airliners for a quick comparison. Here is an overview of the Embraer ERJ 175 and the Boeing 767-200.

Embraer ERJ-175

The Embraer ERJ 175 regional jet is designed to bring eighty passengers to destinations up to 2,500 miles away

This elegant luxury private jet fills the niche between short-range and mid-range flights. Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer has developed the ERJ-175 to travel further, more efficiently, in modern comfort. Unlike the Boeing 767-200 (below), the Embraer ERJ-175 jet can only carry 70 passengers. However, the jet’s range is truly impressive.

Range:  With its enhanced aerodynamics and fuel efficiency, the ERJ 175 can easily travel 2,500 miles – virtually anywhere in North America and Central America, non-stop. You could easily travel New York to Los Angeles direct.

Interior:  Embraer maximizes personal space, with a wider aisle and seats compared to most jet airliners. The high ceiling adds to the spaciousness. The ERJ 175’s windows are almost 30% larger than on other aircraft, and under-seat areas are free of support railings, so you can stretch out in comfort.

Speed:  Maximum cruising speed is .82 Mach (629 mph), take-off to cruising altitude is typically 18 minutes.

Boeing 767-200


The Boeing 767-200 is one of the most widely-used airliners in the world

The Boeing 767-200 is one of the world’s most widely-used airliners. This twin-engine jet airliner is designed to carry 216 passengers on medium to long-range flights. That’s triple the number of passengers the Embraer ERJ 175 (above) can carry.

This is the best luxury private jet airliner to take a large group across America or even to Europe.  

Cabin Amenities:

Though configurations vary, here are the essentials:

  • spacious capacity, with room for 216 passengers
  • 15.5-foot wide body, and 9-foot high ceilings
  • 2,875 cubic feet of luggage space
  • full galley kitchen for meals and refreshment service

Range:  The jet is capable of 4,474 miles (3,900 nautical miles) depending on speed and weather. In the real-world distances, you could easily fly from Miami to Madrid, Spain, or from Seattle to Reykjavik, Iceland, non-stop.

Speed:  Top speed is .75 Mach (557 mph), typical cruising speed is 529 mph



This is not a pure “apples-to-apples” luxury private jet comparison. Though both aircraft are in the airliner category, the Boeing 767-200 is a much larger jet with superior range. It’s ideal for a large group that needs to cross continents and oceans. But, if you want a newer, stylish aircraft with an impressive range, the Embraer ERJ-175 is perfect for 70 discerning travelers. If you’d like to compare other jet charter aircraft, use our easy Private Jet Charter Aircraft Comparison Tool



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