Many companies own and operate their own corporate jet to meet their business aviation needs. Private aircraft offer an unmatched level of convenience and flexibility for organizations that conduct business:

  • Regionally
  • Nationally
  • Internationally

However, most people who fly privately understand that each business jet has its own particular capabilities and limitations. Some of the key performance indicators include:

  • Range
  • Air speed
  • Passenger limits
  • Cargo capacity
  • Runway performance

This makes them suitable for certain corporate jet missions, and inappropriate for others.

Augment Your Corporate Jet Fleet

Corporate jet travel Let’s say a company in the Dallas-Fort Worth area frequently holds meetings with partners and satellite offices in Houston and San Antonio. They might deem it appropriate to own a light business jet to whisk executives and high-end clientele to and fro. However, if your operations extend beyond these cities—for instance, to San Francisco or Orlando—then all of a sudden that light jet’s range might be insufficient to handle a non-stop flight. Conversely, an organization that maintains its own long-range jet—such as a Gulfstream GV—likely wouldn’t find it convenient to use it for short hops. It’s simply not a cost-effective option. At this point, you might need to ask yourself: do these excursions justify the cost of purchasing an additional aircraft? If the answer is ‘no,’ then a corporate jet charter might be a feasible alternative for a number of reasons:

  • Doesn’t tie up capital
  • Addresses a need for infrequent flights
  • Select a jet charter to match the specific itinerary
  • No ongoing aircraft maintenance costs

Try a Corporate Jet Before You Buy

Corporate jet travel If your company is leaning towards purchasing a private jet, chartering and aircraft is an effective way to ‘test drive’ which makes and models work for your business aviation needs. There are many corporate jet classes, and within each one there are multiple options to choose from. One firm might prefer a long-range jet with class-leading speed to handle coast-to-coast missions with ease. Another might benefit more from an aircraft with short runway capabilities to access more remote centers.

All Charter, All the Time

Some businesses recognize that owning a corporate jet brings with it the burden of maintenance and repairs. Plus, you’re committed to using it even when the aircraft might not be suitable for your intended business trip. As an alternative, many forward-thinking corporations are partnering with reputable air charter brokers to ensure their business aviation needs are met. This hassle-free approach lets you pick the right charter aircraft for each mission. Plus, many brokers offer jet membership cards that:

  • Provide secure jet charter prices
  • Guarantee charter availability
  • Eliminate repositioning fees

This approach also serves as a means of evaluating the need for additional aircraft or charter services in the future. To ensure your corporate jet charter solutions are met, call Stratos Jets. We offer on-demand private jet charters, as well as a Jet Card Membership program—(888) 593-9066 (toll free) or request a quote online.