There’s a misconception that business jets are solely for the corporate elite and big business. While it’s true that this market segment represents the bulk of business aviation, there are plenty of small- to medium-sized businesses that also rely on private aviation.

In theory, any company with regional or national interests can benefit from business aviation. And compared to jet ownership, private jet charters hold particular appeal to smaller companies because they:

  • Don’t require a large, up-front capital investment
  • Allow you to choose business jets on a trip-by-trip basis
  • Mitigate the need for aircraft maintenance

Beyond that, there are other reasons why the possibility of a private jet charter might be worth exploring for your company.

Access to Smaller, More Remote Centers

business jets for smaller companies2
Smaller companies often do business off of the beaten path in order to target untapped markets. It can be difficult to find commercial flights to these areas in a quick, convenient manner.

In some instances, there’ll be a regional airport near your place of business, but it might not have the infrastructure to handle larger commercial aircraft. Other times, the area might not receive enough travel demand to merit a regularly scheduled commercial flight.

In these situations, it’s not uncommon to encounter things like:

  • Awkward scheduling
  • Multiple flight connections
  • Lengthy ground transfers to reach your final destination

Chartering business jets allows you to avoid these hassles by arranging nonstop air travel to a wider range of airports anywhere in the country.

Accomplish More in Less Time with Business Jets

Time is a precious commodity and every minute you’re unable to remain productive is a minute wasted. An effective business aviation strategy helps you recoup lost time in several ways:

  • Spend less time waiting in airport lineups
  • Arrive closer to your destination
  • Attend multiple meetings in different cities in a single day
  • Conduct meetings and research in the privacy of your aircraft cabin

Almost all business jets these days come outfitted with the amenities required to get down to work while you’re travelling.

Mix Business and Pleasure

business jets for smaller companies
One of the benefits of owning your own company is that you get to make the rules. When a chartering private jet for your next business mission, why not tack on a little extra holiday time? Better yet, bring the family along so you can all enjoy the perks of luxury air travel.

If you’re an avid golfer, be sure to request an aircraft with additional cargo space to accommodate your clubs, as well as your luggage.

For more tips on selecting private jet charters, read our post: Private Jet Charters 101: Choosing the Right Charter Service.

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