Debating the most popular light jet available for air charter in the United States.

The most popular light business jet in the United States air charter market is the Beechjet 400. Many people would debate this statement; claiming the Lear 35 as the most popular business light jet. As far as business jet availability goes, they are correct. The Lear 35 does have market share dominance, but aircraft availability does not necessarily determine popularity or utility when it comes to business jets. Each of these light business jets has its advantages. The Lear 35 boasts low operating costs and higher speeds. While the Beechjet 400 offers longer range and a spacious and luxurious cabin. When it comes to passenger comfort, the Beechjet 400 wins hands down. Both aircrafts can seat 6 passengers, but many of the Beechjet 400’s can seat 8. The Lear 35 typically has 4 club seats and a two place bench seat in the back of the cabin. The Beechjet 400 is a newer aircraft than the Lear 35. This light jet was designed to provide its passengers with room to stretch out. The Beechjet 400 typically has 6 individual club seats and a 2 place bench seat at the back of the cabin. The wider taller cabin of the Beechjet 400 provides for a comfortable more relaxing flight. For longer distances the Beechjet 400 would be the preferred aircraft for charter. Its 1600nm range allows this light business jet to fly from Teterboro Executive Airport in New Jersey to Fort Lauderdale Executive non-stop. With a lighter payload and clear weather, the Lear 35 could also make the same trip. For individuals who charter jets for private use or vacations, storage capacity is going to be a consideration. The Lear 35 offers passengers 40 cubic feet of storage capacity. This should accommodate 5-6 overnight bags weighing less than 20lbs. each. One of the great benefits of the Beechjet 400 is additional storage capacity. The Beechjet 400 provides 56 cubic feet of external storage space and should be able to carry 4 sets of golf clubs and has additional storage space inside the cabin. For individuals and businesses a like, unit cost (cost per passenger) is a primary factor when chartering a private or business jet. The low operating costs of the Lear 35 makes it an attractive choice for individuals chartering a private jet. Dependent upon the region of the country where the air charter originates, one can usually expect the price per hour of the Lear 35 to be around $2000 and $2500; whereas the price per hour for the charter of a Beechjet 400 can range from $2,750 to $3,200. When you are determining which jet you prefer or is most suitable for your private or business jet charter trip, the best thing to do is to contact an air charter service provider. They have access to countless private jets all over the country and should be able to provide you with all of the information you need to make an informed decision.

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