The light jet category of private jets offers many different options for business jet charter flights. For those seeking a comfortable flight on a light jet, the aircraft selection will primarily depend upon number of passengers. Cabin size and leg room will vary among the different aircraft manufacturers. This is because each aircraft in the light jet category has been designed to meet specific requirements.

The Learjet 31 light business jet is designed for high speeds. The supremely fast cruise speed of the Learjet 31 reaches upwards of 500mph. This will save you time and money. The cabin layout of the Learjet 31 makes maximum use of this light jets interior. The Learjet 31 has a slightly larger cabin than its predecessor the Learjet 35, but still offers a compact cabin that allows for comfortable seating up to 5 adults. The primary focus of the Learjet 31 is not comfort but rather high speeds. The high speed of this light business jet can shave nearly 1 hour of flight time off a cross country trip from Palm Beach, Florida to Los Angeles, California. The high speed of the Learjet 31 can save time and money. Its 4.4h x 5w x 12.9l cabin should be considered when 5 or fewer passengers will be travelling.

A little larger and a little more comfortable than the Learjet 31 but still in the business light jet category, is the Beechjet 400. The cabin length of the Beechjet 400 is nearly 3″ longer than the Learjet 31. The extra room is noticeable. While both the Learjet 31 and Beechjet 400 can carry 7 passengers the Beechjet 400 offers more room. The cabin dimensions of the Beechjet 400 are 4.9h x 4.11w and 15.6l. The taller, longer cabin of the Beechjet 400 makes for a more comfortable flight when you fly with several passengers. The ideal trip for a Beechjet 400 would be Chicago, Illinois to New York or Boston.

The mid-size jet category of private and business jets offers two great advantages over the smaller light jet aircrafts. While the mid-size business jet does not significantly increase passenger capacity, the extra space in the cabin does allow for a charter jet passenger to comfortably stretch their legs. The extra cabin space is especially nice when several passengers are on the charter flight. Not only do mid-size business jets offer a larger more comfortable cabin, but also offer considerably longer range than light business jets do. These two features become very attractive for longer charter flights. A three and a half to four hour flight from Naples Florida to Jackson Hole Wyoming is just out of reach for a fully occupied light business jet. The extended range provided by a mid-size jet save valuable time.

The Lear 60 is the ideal mid-size jet to charter for 6 or 7 passengers. Although it is a step up in size, comfort and performance from the Lear 31, the Lear 60 is actually one of the smaller mid-size business jets. The Lear 60 is an attractive option for charter jet travelers and has become one of the leading business jets for weekly jet travel. In the charter world, the Lear 60 is considered to be one of the most economical mid-size charter jets. This is due to the charter planes low operating costs, its high speeds and impressive range. The tremendous reliability of the Lear 60 allows it to easily fly non-stop from Hyannis Port, Massachusetts to Key West in Florida.

For larger groups or those wishing to carry golf clubs in addition to their overnight luggage, the super mid-size Citation X is a the right choice. The Cessna Citation X is the flagship charter jet of the American based Cessna Aircraft Corporation. It has over 80 cubic feet of storage space. The Citation X is the fastest charter jet in the business jet charter industry. The Citation X, offers luxurious appointments and a standup cabin. Probably the single greatest feature of the Cessna Citation X is the range offered by the charter plane. Flying over 3000nm before refueling, the Citation X allows business travelers to host meetings in the morning in California and attend the Yankees game in New York the same day!

Determining which Aircraft is appropriate for your charter jet flight will depend upon many variables. Contacting an private flight advisor will allow you to gain access to all types of business jets. It is the responsibility of the private flight advisor to match your needs with the right charter jet.