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If you are traveling to Massachusetts, known for its world-class universities like Harvard and MIT, choose Stratos Jet Charters for the best private jet charter flights available. With access to over 5 000 private jets, we can help you to get in and out of Massachusetts smartly and swiftly. Because we do not own or operate aircraft, Stratos Jets is able to recommend the best private jet for every charter flight we arrange.  Additionally, all of the charter flights we arrange are pre-screened against a stringent set of safety standards and will be flown under the command of two highly trained and experienced pilots.

  1. Call us at (888) 478-7286 or fill out the form on our website for a free quote.
  2. Then, an expert Air Charter Agent will find and recommend the right plane for you.
  3. Once you choose to move forward with the aircraft reservation, our Trip Support Team will make all the necessary arrangements.

We can get your private jet charter flight in Massachusetts underway in as little as four hours. Choose us and experience the Stratos difference for yourself.

Top-Notch Aviation Safety Standards for Your Protection

When it comes to flight safety, a number of factors need to be taken into consideration. Pilots’ training, experience, and track records certainly come into play, but the aircraft taking you to your destination is also part of the picture. Routine maintenance, repairs, accident history, and other elements can affect the safety of an airplane, and we look into all those matters before brokering aircraft and pilots for clients’ private jet charter flights in Massachusetts.

  • ARGUS Certified Broker: ARGUS International is the leading independent safety compliance and rating agency in the world.  They keep records of thousands of pilots and planes, and we book only those meeting their stringent standards. In addition to aircraft and operators, ARGUS ranks brokers like us. They evaluate their legitimacy based on business practices, understanding of aviation laws and regulations, liability coverage, and numerous other attributes. You’ll find us on their list of certified charter brokers. At the same time, we’ve gone above and beyond industry standards with $25 million liability coverage.
  • Two Pilots on All Flights: We require two pilots meeting ARGUS Gold experience standards or better to each private jet charter flight in Massachusetts, and you’ll board an equally qualified plane. Security isn’t an issue when you book with us, either. Before being assigned to your charter, flight crew members undergo thorough background checks.
  • We’ve Achieved an A+ BBB Rating:  We hold an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.  As well as strong financial ranking with Dun and Bradstreet.
  • Industry Leadership: In addition to being ARGUS certified, we’re a Wyvern-approved broker. We’re members of the Air Charter Association of North America, the National Business Aviation Association, and the Air Charter Safety Foundation. We’re proud to have earned all these accreditations and affiliations.  We’ve done so by adhering to the strict regulations of the industry and helping to establish best practices for the future.

The Stratos Client Experience

Since our founding, our mission has been to help our clients Soar Higher™.  We believe that providing fair pricing and honest advice is the best way to build our business.  For over 10 years, Stratos Jet Charters, Inc. has offered private jet charter flights in Massachusetts.  Each flight is organized with your travel demands in mind.  We vet every air carrier and every pilot, so you’ll fly safely, comfortably, and as privately as you’d like.

If you’re looking to charter a jet from Massachusetts, all you need to do is call and give us your travel itinerary. A dedicated charter flight coordinator weighs your current location against your destination and number of people in your party. From that point, we search an entire network of private aircraft and recommend the ones best able to accommodate.  Whether you require transportation to and from the airport as well as hotel rooms, private meeting areas and meal catering on the ground, or simply need air transport to another city, we’ll take care of it all.

Contact Stratos Jet Charters to Arrange a Private Jet Charter Flight In Massachusetts 888.478.7286

We Will Help You Arrange Safe Private Air Travel Across the Historic State of Massachusetts

We bring you access to more than 40 airports throughout the state and thousands more worldwide so, no matter where you need to go, we can make it happen. Stratos has raised the bar in the private charter sector. High safety standards, attention to detail, an extensive network, and client-centric approach set us apart from others in the industry. Browse our directory of Massachusetts airports to learn more about the intrastate destinations and arrivals we offer. Some of the most popular are:

  • Boston: As the state’s capital, Boston offers Fenway Park, home to the famed Red Sox; an array of museums dedicated to nature, local history, and other interests; as well as some of the world’s most beautiful and diverse architecture in the nation. It’s also an international hub in the business and educational sectors.
  • Martha’s Vineyard: Dating back to 1642, this island city is just south of Cape Cod.  The unspoiled views and historic Colonial charm make Martha’s Vineyard the perfect summer destination for New Englanders.
  • Bedford: is located just 15 Miles North West of Boston. Its close proximity to the city makes Bedford / Hanscom Field airport a convenient alternative to the hectic Boston-Logan Commercial airport.
  • Nantucket: One of the most picturesque locales in the country, Nantucket offers a distinct blend of modern boutiques and dining experiences in a setting seemingly untouched by time. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell yachts and sailboats or simply enjoy their relaxing recreational purposes, this tiny island could be calling to you.
  • Cambridge: With an array of business and pleasure opportunities, Cambridge holds in store something for every soul. Far-reaching shopping opportunities begin in Market Square but only branch out from there. Take in the city’s culture and history. You can choose to become part of it with its famed Dragon Boat, Film and Beer Festivals.
  • Salem: is often remembered for the Salem Witch Trials.  In fact, the City offers a Museum and a Witch Walk tour.  But this is only one aspect for which the city is known. Salem is also home to the Peabody Essex Museum.
  • Quincy: Sights, sounds, and smells of the waterfront flood your senses at Wollaston Beach while the U.S. Naval Shipbuilding Museum housed in the USS Salem isn’t far away. Dining, golfing and in-depth lessons in history all come together in this Massachusetts city.

Whether you’re bound for one of these cities or departing from somewhere within the state, Stratos can help get you there. Of course, if you’re already there, we can take you anywhere else in the world, too.  Call 888.478.7286 for a charter quote.

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