Commercial air travel has become highly inconvenient and increasingly so since the TSA has instituted its new security check procedures. Travelling with pets is even more of a hassle. The pet check in procedure requires that one who travels with their dog or cat, arrive an extra 45 minutes early. The additional costs associated with flying your pet is nearly as expensive as the cost of another airline ticket. Another down side to airline travel with a pet is that you can’t just carry a pet onboard. The animal is stowed with the rest of the passengers’ luggage. This is a highly stressful environment and can be a pretty scary experience for cats and dogs, especially for the older ones. When it comes to travelling with animals, there are pet friendly alternatives to treating ones beloved dog or cat like an old piece of luggage as the commercial airlines do. Many aircrafts available for charter are pet friendly and they don’t require that you store your pet with the luggage.

To most people, their pet is no different than a member of the family. If you are considering flying with your dog or cat; the charter of a private jet may be the most comfortable and convenient alternative to a commercial carrier. Most private jets will make special arrangements, so that your cat or dog has a comfortable place within the cabin of the aircraft. Many of the fixed based operators are also pet friendly. When you charter a jet to the Orlando Executive Airport in Orlando, be sure to ask your charter flight coordinator to select SHELTAIR as your preferred FBO. The SHELTAIR FBO at Orlando Executive Airport has treats for dogs and cats. In fact all of the SHELTAIR FBO locations offer treats for your pets. The Ft. Lauderdale Executive Airport in South Florida can arrange for pet grooming prior to your pets charter flight.

Another thought to consider with regard to flying with your pet is the hassle of transporting your cat or dog through the crowded airport. This is not only an awful experience for your animal; but it is also a major hassle for you. To avoid this headache, a private jet charter flight is the only solution. When you charter a private jet, you vehicle pulls right up to the aircraft you have chartered. There are no long lines for you to wait in, there are no people to stop you and ask repetitive questions about what your dog or cats name and breed is, there are no children running up to your dog to pull its tail or getting their gum stuck in their fur.

Finding a charter jet company that is pet friendly can be a fairly tedious task. We recommend that you hire an private flight advisor. Air charter agents are familiar with operators who allow cats and dogs on their charter jets. Not only are they familiar with pet friendly operators, private flight advisors also know which operators have the best prices for private jets. Charter jet prices can fluctuate greatly among aircraft charter operators. While prices for a private jet charter flights is an important point to consider when finding a pet friendly charter flight, it is not the most important consideration. The safety of your private jet charter flight along with pilot experience is the single most important consideration for each charter flight. To be sure your pet friendly charter flight operator has an impeccable safety record, hire an private flight advisor with a solid reputation and a large pool of air charter operators with which they work. The main goal of the charter flight coordinator is to ensure that your pet safely arrives at its destination. So whether your pet needs a last minute charter flight to Boston for a Puppy pedigree dog show or is flying home for the summer, allow an air charter flight coordinator to help you arrange a pet friendly private jet.